A heavy burdern

Object Lesson

Show the class or family the backpack and ask one person to put it on. Then hand them one book and ask them if they think it is very heavy or not. Put it in the backpack and ask the volunteer to estimate for how long he or she would feel comfortable carrying it around. Then start putting in more and more books. Describe the each book like this (use examples adapted for the age level and maturity of your class): This book represents when your teacher accused you of something you didn’t do. This book represents the neighbor that said something unkind to you. This book represents the brother that broke your favorite toy, etc. Put as many books as possible into the back pack until it is loaded up and very heavy. If you have more books, put them in the volunteer’s arms. Then ask the volunteer how long they could carry the backpack comfortably now. Go on to teach that carrying grudges and staying bitter and mad at people does not empower us and help us in any way, but it is a heavy burden that makes it more difficult every day to remain close to the spirit and to live joyfully. Describe how the the Savior’s Atonement can free us of our burdens while you remove the books.

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