Top Pop

I used this as a favor for a Daddy-Daughter activity, but it would make a great Father’s day Primary project, too.

1) Print the images on heavy paper.
2) Cut each circle out.
3) Using a hole punch or pencil, make two holes, one in the top and bottom of each circle. (I found it worked best to push the hole punch in as far as it would go to make the holes)
4) Weave the stick of a sucker through the holes so that the sweet sucker end is at the top, and the stick shows from the bottom.

I used Blow Pops and Jolly Rancher pops, and this worked fine for both kinds of suckers. We pinned these to the daddies to look kind of like a buttoniere (how do you spell that?).

4 images per sheet.

This is available as a black and white coloring sheet, or as a full color printable. Click on “top pop” below to see all the versions of this file.

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