The Women Who Knew Jesus

This is a little Christmas program that has 6 speakers, along with a few musical selections. It can be used as a Ward Christmas program, or as a Relief Society program.

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I would love to use this

I would love to use this program in our ward but i'm having trouble finding the musical selection "The Daughter of God". Can you tell me who wrote it or where to find it?

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I did find a song by Janice

I did find a song by Janice Kapp Perry on her "Where is Heaven" CD called "Daughter of God" that fits the script pretty well. I am told that the sheet music is out of print, however.

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In the program posted here

In the program posted here Mary's part is not complete. For the original and more complete version follow the link in comment #3 submitted by Ryan 12/09. We used the primary song "Tell Me, Dear Lord" for the song to be sung after Mary's mother speaks. I think is portrays perfectly what Mary would have been feeling.

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I was in the Chandler 4th

I was in the Chandler 4th Ward in 1973 when Judy first shared this program. I have thought about it every Christmas since then. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas program.

I would love to get in contact with Judy. If anyone has contact information for her, I would love for you to let me know so I can get it from you!