Make Your Life Movie – Friend

Instructions: Make a “movie” of your life-to-be. Mount [the image below] on heavy paper, fill in the blank, cut out the display frame and two picture strips, then tape Picture A over Picture B (if you’re a girl; vice versa, if you’re a boy). Cut the two dashed-line slots in the display frame. Insert the left side of the picture strip from behind into the right slot and then into the left slot. (Optional: You may now want to tape the left edge of the title picture to the right edge of the last picture to make a continuous reel.) Pull the strip or reel through the display frame to show your personal story.

My Faith in Jesus Christ Grows When I Make and Keep Sacred Covenants

Make a Movie of Your Personal Story

I, ________________________, covenant with the Lord when …
(write your name)

I am baptized.

I take the sacrament.

I go to the temple.

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