Jenny's LDS Baptism Program Template

LDS Baptism Program
Jenny's Baptism Program

UPDATED!!!! I have just created two versions of this baptism program that are editable. Yes, all you have to do is fill in the blanks or change the text that's highlighted, and your baptism program is done! The "generic" editable file is meant for adults or others who are being baptized. The "primarychild" editable PDF is for children who are being baptized, and includes a field for the Primary Welcome. Please comment below if you see any problems with these files.


I (Jenny Smith) created this for my son's baptism, and I will say it turned out beautifully. We had it printed on a color printer at Staples -- wow. The detail of Christ's baptism really turned out nicely. This template was made for a Child of Record baptism (so includes participants' relationship to the child), but could easily be altered for any baptism. As a side note, these songs are just what we picked out and the lyrics are included just so that you can see what it looks like. So what I'm trying to say is "Baptism" and "I am a Child of God" aren't required songs. We had several non-member family and friends attending the baptism, and to give them a chance to see that Mormons aren't brainwashed cultists, we held a meal afterward to let everyone mingle. But again, a meal afterward is by no means required, expected, or even traditional.

1 page, front and back, half fold, 8.5x 11 inches, color.

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Black & White

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PDF - Adobe PDF
RTF - Rich Text File

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8.5 x 11 inches (US letter)

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1 page

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1 handout per page

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Marian Fernandopulle's picture

Can you help me to fill in a

Can you help me to fill in a form for having the baptism for the dead for my brother in law who died two years ago? Thank you for the wonderful service you are doing to the world out of love for God.

Marian J Fielding's picture

What do you mean a Program

What do you mean a Program for a baptism for the dead?  Baptisms for the dead are performed in the temple and I have NEVER heard of having a "program" for one... please explain...(?)

Anonymous's picture

I was concerned when I saw

I was concerned when I saw the copyright notice on the back, so before printing, I called Intellectual reserve, and they said that since this is for non-commercial use and the picture is in the gospel art kit, it is okay to use!

Linda Townsend Smith's picture

Are you the Wade Stoddard who

Are you the Wade Stoddard who lived in Yakima Washington at one time? My sister, Shirley Townsend, was very good friends with two twins Wynn and Wade Stoddard and would like to get back in touch.

Adam Jones's picture

The template is brilliant

The template is brilliant thank you. I didn't get many programmes made up when my daugfhters were baptised and needed to do some new ones for their journals and this was an absolute treasure

Not Registered's picture

I wanted to thank you for

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to use your program template for our daughter's baptism tomorrow. What a lifesaver and it looks great! We appreciate your kindness~Sister Kelly Boyer

Heather Dorius's picture

Thank you so much for this! I

Thank you so much for this! I was trying to do this all myself! What a blessing to find this online and be able to incorporate it into what we need for my son's baptism! I am so very appreciative!! :)

Not Registered's picture

Thank you very much Jenny

Thank you very much

Jenny like everyone before me this was a lifesaver. I thank you for having that up and available for people to use for a baptism. My family and say thank you a bunch.

Laura 's picture

Yes!! Thank you so much... I

Thank you so much... I really had no idea what to write and this is a total life saver! I did change the picture on the front to my son, but the whole concept was perfect for what I needed! Thanks a bunch!

Aimee Williamson's picture

A big thank-you for all the

A big thank-you for all the effort you have put into sugar doodle. I've used your primary song files so many times. I loved this baptism template too! I really, really appreciate you letting your light shine!

Michael's picture

I am the ward mission leader

I am the ward mission leader for our home ward. Your rtf template for the baptismal program has saved my life, countless hours, on many occasions now. And the programs are beautiful, easy to edit and use.

There are not thanks enough in this life, but thank you anyway.


russell's picture

Thank you so much, I just

Thank you so much, I just realized at the last minute I needed a baptism program for a convert tomorrow. I didn't know how I was going to get it done. Now, most of the layout is done for me. You are a lifesaver.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks Millions. We're living

Thanks Millions. We're living in Russia right now - no quick Deseret Book trip for me. I didn't have a lot of time to design my own, so I'm blessing you right now for being willing to share!!!

Amy's picture

I LOVE your template. The

I LOVE your template. The best one on the internet for sure. Except there are two kids being baptized and I can't find a way to type in two names on the front. Is that possible? Thanks!

Pedey's picture

Darn FedEx/Kinko's wouldn't

Darn FedEx/Kinko's wouldn't print these for me! They said because it had the word 'copyright' on it they could not do it unless I presented the written permission... but that if I had brought it in without the word 'copyright' anywhere on it they would have done it. Ridiculous! Do the right thing & get your permissions & they treat you like you're trying to pull something illegal - but go in there trying to steal someone else's art & they'd let it fly. Thankfully I had a friend with a good color printer willing to do it for me! THANK YOU for such a great program! Made that bit of preparation so smooth (well - except for the printing fiasco!! LOL)

Jenny Smith's picture

In case anyone else has this

In case anyone else has this same issue, the copyright terms of Intellectual Reserve are here:,4945,120-1-46-1,00.html

The important part for you is this : "You may view, download, and print material from this site only for your personal, noncommercial use unless otherwise indicated. In addition, materials may be reproduced by media personnel for use in traditional public news forums unless otherwise indicated. "

If you experience the same problem as Pedey just print the page I linked to above and take it to your printer with your baptism program file.

Amanda's picture

jenny, I love this, but i

jenny, I love this, but i have a problem. the elders said that the baptism talk and the holy ghost talk both have to be before the actual ordinance now...and so i tried changing that, but that part is not editable. I also need to include Relief Society welcome after bishop welcome. what can i do? Thanks for all your hard work; i love your site!