Handouts from Primary Manual 3

This is a user-submitted 8-page document that contains 8 handouts that go with Primary Manual 3.

Each handout/coloring page is black and white with a black border, clipart image, and text.

Included are the following handouts:

Page 1 – Golden Plates clipart image and text:
The Golden Plates lay hidden
Deep in the mountainside,
Until God found one faithful,
In whom he could confide.

A record made by Nephi,
Written in the days of old;
Now, in the Book of Mormon,
The story is retold.

Page 2 – Children receiving the Sacrament:
When I partake of the sacrament, I renew my covenants with Heavenly Father,

I promise to remember Jesus Christ and to obey the commandments.

Page 3 – Clip art image of temple, text:
The Temple…I’m going there someday

Page 4 – Quilt with words love at home, text:
There is beauty all around
When there’s love at home.

Page 5 – Lehi leaves Jerusalem clipart, text:
Lehi lived in Jerusalem for a long time, but he promptly obeyed the commandment to leave his home. Lehi and his family left and went into the wilderness.

We can show faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by obeying the commandments, like Lehi and his family.

Page 6 – Clipart image of heart, text:
Jesus Christ Loves ME!

Page 7 – Clipart image of family, text:
I liked my home in heaven, But now I’m glad I’m here
To live with my own family And friends and neighbors dear.

Page 8 – Image of map, text:
World Map

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