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Fun Girls Camp Skit

This skit is repeated several times using different types of emotion. We did it with the girls using no emotion first, then with them being overly dramatic and serious, then with them laughing the whole time, then valley girl, and then with more “thought” into it.(for this part our girls used a flashlight to shine at themselves when they were “thinking” outloud.)

We didn’t have many props because our girls decided on it at camp about one hour before skits. It turned out really good though.

You will need YW for:
A Director
A “mom”
A “YW”
A “Doctor”
A “Take” call person (take 1, take 2, etc.)
A narrator

Narrator announces that you are about to be part of the audience in the filming of a new movie (which we called “Camp Aftermath”). You can choose your own title.

The person who is doing the take count goes accross saying, “Take one”

The scene starts with the YW entering her home.

MOM: Welcome home, how was camp?

DAUGHTER: Camp was a lot of fun, can we talk later, I don’t feel good.

MOM: Go and lay down for awhile and I will call the doctor. (mom goes and calls the doc.)

MOM: Doctor my daughter’s sick.

DOCTOR: Oh, your daughter’s sick?

MOM: Yes, can you come see her.

DOCTOR: Yes, I’ll be right there.
(Doctor arrives at house and knocks on door, mom answers the door)

MOM: Hi doctor.

DOCTOR: Hi, Where is she?

MOM: She’s over there. (Mom jestures to where daughter is)

DAUGHTER: (Totally silent and still.)

DOCTOR: (walks over to girl, kneels down, puts on gloves, lifts up girls arm, and drops it.)

DOCTOR: She is dead.

MOM: She is dead?

DOCTOR: Yes she is dead.

DIRECTOR: CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was horrible people, come on put a little more __________
(we used “drama” into it the the first time, then “humor”,etc.) into it.

TAKE CALLER: take two.

Repeat entire scene with different type of emotion to the extreme, changing take # each time.

For the last “take”, the director askes for more “thought” to be put into the scene.
For this part the girls repeated the scene as follows;

The scene starts with the YW entering her home.

MOM: Welcome home, how was camp? FREEZE!
*mom shines flashlight at herself, the rest of the characters remain perfectly still. Mom says dramatically, “Did she really go to camp, where has she really been?”

DAUGHTER: Camp was a lot of fun, can we talk later, I don’t feel good. FREEZE!
*daughter shines light at herself, whiile the rest of the characters remain “froze”, daughter says dramatically, ” Does she really want to know what I did at camp, or is she just trying to butter me up for my doctor’s appointment next week that she hasn’t told me about?”

Continue the rest of the scene the same way up until where the doctor is about to tell her diagnosis of whether the daughter is dead or not, and right then the director yells “Cut!!! Lunch Break”

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Last updated: June 11, 2008

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