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This is the blog of Jenny Smith. I mostly blog about my calling in the LDS or Mormon Church.

Streamlining Church meetings by taking minutes

Hey, everyone! I’m doing a webinar on how to streamline your tortuous church meetings by learning to take and use minutes at 11:00AM EST, 9:00AM MST today!  You can register for the webinar here: The webinar is being hosted by Leading LDS, and will be available for free for the next 24 hours ONLY!  After that, you can access this webinar and many others in the Leading LDS library by becoming…
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2018 Mutual Theme: Peace in Him

It’s that time of year again — the Church has released the 2018 mutual theme!  For the first time, I took a couple of weeks’ working vacation to work on theme posters and printables for the theme. I spent a few days of uninterrupted time to come up with different logos for the theme.  I took a three week vacation to Europe, during which I spent much of the time…
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Old to Me New to You posts

I’ve been on a cruise ship in the North Atlantic for the past several days. Unluckily (or luckily, I suppose) my husband wasn’t able to make the trip with me, and so I’ve been able to do Whatever I Want Whenever I Want with exactly 0 responsibility.  It’s been awesome! Being who I am, Whatever I Want is code for Structured Self-Improvement.  I made a list of what I wanted…
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From Tonga with Love Written by: Kathleen Elizabeth Peaua

This text was shared by the author to this site in 2008. From Tonga with Love Written by: Kathleen Elizabeth Peaua Dedicated to the Memory of: Sitelimani Peaua 1*Pictures on front cover will be of a Grandfather, Pacific Islander in an Aloha Shirt in his “work truck” with his granddaughter Alice (also Polynesian appearing though lighter in coloring since she is half white but with dark eyes and long curly…
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2017 Mutual Theme: Ask in Faith

Ideas for the 2017 mutual theme will be posted here beginning in October 2016. Yes, I’ll be doing a theme bracelet again this year for Young Women.  Incredibly, it is even more awesome than last year’s, with suede cord and charms!  You’re going to love it!  And due to popular demand, I’ll be offering mutual theme bracelet kits for girls camp leaders as well.  Pre-orders will begin in October. Stay…
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Seminary Auction Tips

This information was originally published at and sent out as part of Ken Alford’s email list to Seminary teachers. If you’d like to hold Seminary auctions, may I recommend that you… 1)  Have no more than 2 auctions per year. I recommend holding the first either right before Christmas or at the end of January, and then holding the second at the end of the year. Or, to add variety…
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Ken Alford on Tardiness

This information was originally published at and sent out as part of Ken Alford’s email list to Seminary teachers.   It’s helpful for teachers who may be struggling with tardiness in the classroom: Punctuality always seems to be a challenge in the church, but it is especially so when you add teenagers and early mornings to the equation. I feel punctuality is an important trait to possess, and it’s a personal…
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Alert! Special Church history dates in 2016

I’m the music chairperson in our unit, and today I started work on the music planning for my ward 2016.   Since I came on, the bishopric has been planning out the year’s sacrament meeting themes during the past few months of the year. This makes it easy for me as music chairperson to work with the choir director, organist, and others to prepare special music during the year.  Each…
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