Young Women in Excellence Ideas

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I’m compiling some Young Women in Excellence / Recognition Night programs here. Do you have LDS Young Women scripts or ideas? Share them here, and they’ll automatically get added to the list below!

From the New Handbook

Young Women in Excellence is an event in which young women are recognized for the good things they are doing. It is a celebration of Personal Progress. Each young woman shares a value experience or value project she has completed during the year that exhibits excellence. Her presentation may include talents and skills she has developed through her Personal Progress goals. Young Women leaders invite parents to attend.

At the beginning of the year, leaders encourage each young woman to give serious thought to the values she might focus on for this event. She may work with a family member, another young woman, or others on the projects, which may take several months to complete.

This event is usually held during Mutual at the ward level, but it may be held at the stake level. Adult leaders include the young women in planning it. The date and plans for the event should be announced early in the year. (Church Handbook of Instructions: Young Women in Excellence, 10.8.4)

Young Women in Excellence Activity Ideas List


Do you have questions about how to plan Young Women in Excellence? Here are some tips:

What is the purpose of YWIE?

YWIE is a celebration of the Personal Progress program. During this meeting young women share the projects or experiences they’ve had with personal progress during this year. Those young women who have completed the program could be asked to help encourage others by sharing their testimony and experience with the program.

This is also a good time to introduce parents to the Honor Bee and encourage mothers to earn Personal Progress Awards with their daughters.

When is Young Women in Excellence held?

If your unit is able to hold regular mutual/weekly activities, YWIE is typically held during that regular meeting. Other units plan it for a time convenient for their members. Typically this meeting is held in Autumn for calendaring reasons. New Beginnings is held at the beginning of the year.

Who attends YWIE?

The new handbook states Young Women ages 12 and up at the time of the Activity and their parents are invited to attend Young Women in Excellence. No other specific direction is given, but I’m sure other people (guest speakers, children, priesthood leaders, etc.) may also be invited. This isn’t a ward activity open to everyone, however.

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