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How to Play Froggy Murder

how to play froggy murder

My cousin taught me how to play Froggy Murder at a family reunion.  Froggy Murder doesn’t take any set up, and it’s a fun activity you can use to fill up time at the end of a Wednesday evening or camp activity.  All ages can play the game, and it’s lots of fun to see how dramatically people act out when they’re dead. Variation of: Wink Murder Safer form of:…
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Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt

Hi there…and thanks for everything you do!  I love your website. This was a little bit of a complicated set up on this activity.  Please feel free to contact me for any questions. Thanks! Charlene H   The Books of the Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt Each clue provides a scripture from one book in the Book of Mormon, and a clue leading you to the answer. The clues are…
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From Susan: Hello fellow Leaders :) I have attached a few documents which I designed for this game. First, there is a document called “FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH GAME by Susan van Scheltema”. This is the actual game that I made and can be played as is with your own fun way of scoring, or to fit with any theme for an event or activity. Its quite versatile as a stand alone…
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Cheap Dating Relief Society Activity with game

Kristina M shared: “I recently was asked to teach an enrichment on “cheap dates.”    Everyone’s ideas of “cheap” dates are different but there are a lot (over 120) date ideas that we came up with.  I put it on a Excel Document, and each tab (at the bottom) is different. “I give a basic explanation on the first tab.  But basically I copied on to 3 different color papers for…
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Heads Up

I just had a great idea for a SM game! My students love playing a game on their phones called “Heads Up”. I just figured out that you can create customisable decks, so I created a deck with the SM references on them. It tests SM both ways – one student (or more) needs to be able to describe the SM from the reference, while the other, holding the phone to their head, needs to be able to guess the reference from the description.
Great idea! Love this game!
I can’t wait to surprise my students with it tomorrow!
So where do you find yours or do we have to do all ourselves! ?
Cool—-can you provide technical assisstance
We LOVE that game. I never even thought about making my own SM deck! Thanks :)
NICE!!!!!!! Great idea, thanks for the tip.
Uhh, little miss tech challenged here…is it an app for your phone?
Yes!! I love this game and have it. Can’t wait to do this!
Just buy the phone app called “Heads Up”, then get the in-app purchase to design your own deck. Once you have that it is really easy, choose the ‘design your own deck’, type in the SM references in at a time, choose a picture for your deck if you like, and you’re done! It cost me 79p to buy the app and 79p for the in-app purchase – UK (I believe it is 99c each USA)
Apple Store UK link: Heads Up! by Warner Bros. appsto.re/gb/rq0kL.i
How fun! Thanks for the idea!
I don’t love to purchase apps, but my kids just may “wake up” for this one! Buying And making! Thanks!!? : )
I LOVE this idea!
Thank you for sharing this!!
ha! I have 2 kids out of 25 in the class with smart phones. some of my kids have no phone & no computer.
Nanette Rasband Hilton, you only need it on your own phone to use in class. One phone with the game set up on it will work for the whole group.
i love this idea but i cannot find how to buy the make-it-yourself part. please help
Kathleen Stancliffe, open the app and scroll down. In the section titled “More Decks” you will find one called “Build Your Own Deck.” When you click on it, it will ask you for your apple ID/password.
thanks Jeanne Gilmore Merrell, but there is not one titled that – i guess my problem may be i don’t have an iphone? i downloaded the app and it gave me 35 games but nothing anywhere says “build your own deck” ;(
We’ve played something similar – not an app but a real game called Hedbandz – get a partner and put a SM card up on your forehead and ask questions til you guess which one it is. Fun and easy!
Thanks RaNae Shoaf
Nannette, you’re very fortunate. All 30 of my students have smart phones. We had to ban electronic devices from seminary because of constant texting and game playing.
@ Jim yes, my kids loose ‘breakfast points’ for the whole class if they have their phones out during class–peer pressure to keep the few who are addicted to their phones focused. I don’t allow any electronics in class–only printed scriptures.

Missionary Family Feud Questions and Responses

Responses needed – I want to play family feud to cover a couple of subjects and encourage discussion for section 68. If all who can would comment on 3 questions, we can all use survey results. Question #1 – what worries you most about serving a mission? Question #2 What makes you the most nervous about sharing the gospel? Question #3 What are the 3 most important things you can teach your children? #dandc68#
1. That I don’t know enough about the gospel. 2. That my friends will be offended. 3. To love, to serve The Lord and obey the commandments, to work hard.
1. Knocking on doors 2. Rejection 3. Trust the Lord and His prophets
1. That I will need to speak with so many people I don’t know. 2. That someone will speak ill of something I love so much. 3. They are literal children of Heavenly Father. That He loves them. That He wants them to return home.
1. Missing my family & friends. 2. Rejection. 3. Love. Service. Repentance
1. Knowing the scriptures 2. That I will offend the person 3. Heavenly Father is always there for us, Listen to the Spirit, Learn to serve.
1. Learning a forein language 2. Thinking I have to have all the answers instead of letting the Spirit teach. 3. Jesus lives. Love others. Repentance.
1. at the time….learning the language 2. rejection 3. faith hope charity
1. Not knowing the scriptures & words of Prophets well enough. 2. Lack of Confidence. 3. (1) They are loved. (2) The Plan of Salvation (3) Service
1. Dealing with different cultures…even in the US. 2. That I know enough about the gospel 3. To be believers and doers in the gospel
1. The time missed from college.
2. Confidence. ..none
3.be kind to others
1. Not knowing enough 2. Rejection 3. That they are children of God, they are loved unconditionally, service brings joy
1. Confidence I can do it 2. Not knowing how to answer people’s questions 3. Love of Work, Live & Love the Gospel
#1- being away from family
#2-offending someone
#3-love of God, obedience, integrity
1. I won’t know what to say
2. Rejection
3. They are a child of God, Live the gospel, they are loved by God & us unconditionally
three teen boys answers #1having to learn a complicated language, getting kidnapped, nothing (and he’s going to Russia in February), #2 speaking, being rejected, being rejected, #3 keep the commandment-pay in cash-think it through, follow the gospel-don’t be fake-listen to your parents, pray-read the scriptures-follow the Spirit
1. Knocking on doors
2. Rejection
3. Love one another
Family is forever
You are a child of God
from 3 kids at home – 1a not being able to answer questions, 1b not knowing what to say, 1c being away from family; 2a not being able to explain clearly, 2b rejection/ being laughed at, 2c that I won’t sound sure or that they won’t believe me 3a – Jesus, sacrament, scriptures, 3b – Jesus, testimony, baptism, 3c – to be sober, gospel and priesthood
1. Being away from family. 2. Not being able to communicate clearly in another language. Being mocked by unbelievers. 3. You are a child of God and he loves you and wants to help you. Jesus Christ atoned for our sins so we could be forgiven if we truly repent.
1 – not knowing what to say.
2 – don’t want people to think I’m disingenuous.
3 – know and rely on Christ (including read, pray, etc.). Respect others. Good work ethic.
1 – dogs 2 – rejection – knowing christ (atonement included), divine nature, service
1. Being away from family
2. Having enough faith to be able to answer questions
3. God loves them unconditionally, atonement is real, families are forever
1- Eating weird food (foreign countries)
2- Not being able to express myself
3- Integrity, hard work, live the gospel
1. Getting kidnapped in a foreign country 2. Being laughed at 3. To ask
1. Having to speak about personal things to strangers/getting out of my comfort zone. 2. Rejection/losing friends 3. the atonement is for everyone and they should use it! Love people more than you judge them. Have faith, you can’t see the end, but the Lord can.
1. Safety of my spouse
2. Making relationships awkward
3. Love the Lord, love your neighbor, work hard
1. Being out of my comfort zone nothing familiar. 2. Making things awkward (fear). 3. Relationship with The Lord, service, endure to end your family will help.
1 – Being able to handle rejection of something I hold so dear, 2 – Being laughed at or made fun of for my beliefs, 3 – Christ completed the atonement for you, He lives and loves you, God the Father and the Savior truly have a plan for us so stay close to them your whole life!
1. Missing family 2. Rejection 3.a) You are a child of God b) the atonement is real c) find joy as we endure to the end
Answers from my teenagers 1. Not picking up on language, Criticism from others, being rejected, blisters :) 2. people will think i’m weird, criticsm, won’t know how to answer their questions 3. Atonement is real, kindness/respect, that Heavenly Father really is there
From my 19 year old daughter who is about to submit her papers: 1) Being able to actually teach a lesson and finding the strength to do everything for 18 months straight without breaks 2) I don’t want to cry in front of people, I talk to fast, and usually what I say doesn’t make sense
3) know how to listen to the spirit to know right how wrong, how to stand up for yourself, and how to not judge others
#1 strange Food, #2 how they receive it, #3 charity, atonement, selfworth
Dave says 1) Getting yelled at 2) Damaging a relationship 3) follow Christ, be loving and kind to others, work hard
1. physical stamina 2. feel awkward about what best to say 3. use atonement daily, never quit trying, follow the Spirit
1. Being away from family. 2. Will I be able to answer all the questions? 3. to love people as Jesus does, giving service is God’s plan, the Plan of Salvation
Being away from family, 2) saging the right thing. 3) stay close to the spirit; follow the commandments; pray, pray, pray!
#1 being away from family, #2 how to start conversation about the gospel, #3 to love the Lord, to trust the Lord, that they are loved by the Lord
#1 leaving family #2 rejection #3 pray, repent, serve
1) Lack of knowledge…2) not being able to voice well what my heart knows and 3)Jesus is the Christ, love others, serve others
Diane could you tell me exactly how you did this? How many students do you teach? I’d like to try and do it tomorrow, if you could help me out. Thank you
1. leaving family 2. someone judging me because I am Mormon 3. To have a testimony of the Gospel, recognize the spirit, choose to be happy
Would u mind sharing your results?
I just tallied up what’s here so I can use it tomorrow. I came up with: Top 10 answers for questions 1 & 2 are 1.Rejection, 2. not knowing what to say/ how to answer/explain clearly, 3. missing family & friends 4. Don’t know enough about gospel/scriptures 5.being laughed at/judged/yelled at. 6.lack of confidence, 7 offending others 8 learning a foreign language & culture 9 speaking – especially to those I don’t know 10- knocking on doors & getting kidnapped. I guess some of these could be combined, but it will work for my one question family feud for section 84.

Video: DIY marshmallow shooter

By Cathy Woodward Cathy Woodward: #Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot. Here is a link to DIY marshmallow shooters using a plastic cup and a balloon: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ3AB_ytQC0 Super easy to make! I ask questions based on the lesson or SMs and the students receive one mini marshmallow for each correct answer. They can then shoot at paper or pompom turkeys. They love this and don’t even mind picking up the marshmallows afterward. I…
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By Shauna Second Coming “Scattergories” (see end of post for other adaptations)We are studying the signs and events, listed in Doctrine and Covenants 43 and 45, that will take place before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Preparation in advance (not necessary-but helpful) the day before, I assigned the students to read D&C Sections 43 and 45 and note the signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ for the next class….
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