What's Missing?

Type the scripture 3 different times on the same sheet of paper, but each time have different words missing (replace them with a blank line). Fold the paper so only the first is showing.

First round: students fill in as many missing words as possible without using scriptures (and then may peek to complete the verse).

Second round: fold the paper so that only the second section is showing. Fill in the blanks (first without scriptures and then using scriptures if needed).

Third round: fold paper so only the last section is showing and try to complete without peeking at all.

(I would have the students write the scripture themselves and leave out a set number of words 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. ~Jenny)

Scripture Mastery Game Categories: 

Game play duration: 6-10 minutes
No cost (uses only regular classroom items, like paper, pens, tape...)
Great for small groups
Number of scripture mastery passages taught: One
Game can be played while seated
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