Wilford Woodruff Mission to England Reader’s Theater

I used this document when teaching the Establishment of Nauvoo lesson and D&C 124-127.   Both the PDF and ODT version include name tags and the text to include in the letter.


Wilford Woodruff (speaking to himself): Whew. That’s the second sermon I have preached today. After the meeting this evening I would assume that nearly one thousand people will have heard the Lord’s message today.

Clergyman (standing on the other side of the room, speaking to the Constable): Constable, this Mormon preacher has got to be stopped. I only had fifteen people attend my parish today. Fifteen! I assume the others were led to one of his sermons. I cannot allow my parish to continue to shrink while this Mormon’s audience grows. I want you to arrest him and stop his work.

Constable: I will do what I can.

Narrator: When Elder Woodruff rose to speak in the meeting that evening, the constable came through the door.

Constable (now speaking to Wilford Woodruff): Excuse me, sir. I am a constable and have been sent by the clergyman of the local parish with a warrant to arrest you.

Wilford Woodruff: For what crime?

Constable: For preaching to the people.

Wilford Woodruff: I can assure you that I have a license for preaching the gospel to the people just as that clergyman does. If you would take a chair I will speak with you more about this after the meeting, but I must begin now. … (mimic speaking to the class)

Narrator: The constable took the chair Elder Woodruff had been sitting in and sat next to Elder Woodruff while he preached the gospel for over an hour. Wilford Woodruff said of this experience:

Wilford Woodruff: The power of God rested upon me, the Spirit filled the house, and the people were convinced.

Narrator: At the end of the meeting, Elder Woodruff extended an invitation for baptism.

Wilford Woodruff: I invite all who desire to have their sins remitted and join the Lord’s restored Church to enter the waters of baptism this day.

Constable (rising from chair and speaking to Wilford Woodruff): Mr. Woodruff, I would like to be baptized.

Narrator: The constable was baptized that day, along with four preachers and two other people. The constable returned to the clergyman and explained the situation.

Constable (speaking to the clergyman): If you want Mr. Woodruff arrested, you must do it yourself, for I have heard him preach the only true gospel sermon I have ever listened to in my life.

Narrator: The clergyman then sent two clerks to attend a meeting to find out what Elder Woodruff was preaching. They were also convinced of the truth of Elder Woodruff’s message and were baptized. The clergyman did not send anyone else to one of Elder Woodruff’s sermons.



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