How to be a 10 Cow Woman

This Enrichment Night Activity Idea was submitted by Cathy from England. She says, “In 2 weeks I am doing an Enrichment class on ‘How to be a 10 cow woman’. Firstly we will watch Johnny Lingo. then we will have a class on MOO-SIC apreciation which will cover the importance listening to good music. Then we have a class on Mad Cow, which will cover Emotional well-being. Then the 3rd class is Holy Cow which will cover spiritual development.All three teachers are excellent in the area that i have given them. after each class the sisters will be given 3 stickers to put on a card which has a picture of a cow on it saying “im a 10 cow woman” after all 3 classes I will give then a final sticker to make up 10. I have sent you the posters and the handouts and class posters so you can see how i presented each class and advertised.”

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