Because My Mother Taught Me - Mother/Daughter Activity

M'Shelle D. planned a fun Mother / Daughter activity. She says:

"We asked each girl to fill out information about what her mother has taught her.

"We had a night with mothers with a shabby-chic theme. We took antique photos of each girl with her Mother with dress up hats holding up an antique frame around their faces. We had made a scrapbook page for each girl that said "Mom and Me" and each one had a spot for the picture as well as a little typed up information the girl had given about what her mother had taught her. The scrapbook page was in a page protector with cute ribbon tied to the top so it could actually be hung up.

"It was a very special night."

1 handout per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.

Download the invitation here: BMMTM Invite.

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Black & White

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PDF - Adobe PDF

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8.5 x 11 inches (US letter)

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1 page

Handouts Per Page: 

1 handout per page

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I am trying to figure out how

I am trying to figure out how to put on an activity Day talent show for the mothers and daughters, putting the twist on that the daughters are the mothers talents and they will learn that talent (how to be a good mom) fro them. also pointing out that all talents are gifts. Any ideas on ow to turn these ideas into an activity would be so helpful. Thanks!

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Hi Cathy, We have decided to

Hi Cathy,
We have decided to do the Biggest Gainer for our New Beginnings. We had seen the script earlier and selected our "cast" to read the script but when we went to retreve the script it says "Locked" with no way to unlock it. Can you help us get the script for this New Beginnings?
Thanks for all the wonderful posted ideas!!!