50+ LDS Outdoor Games

50 LDS outdoor games
50 LDS outdoor games

50 LDS outdoor games

These LDS games can be played outdoors.  Be sure to look at our huge list of LDS activities to plan your next young women, mutual, or ward activity.

LDS Outdoor Games

  1. 2,3,4, or 5 Day Summer Camp
  2. 8 Fun October Mutual Activities for Fall Festivals
  3. Activities with Rope
  4. All That Glitters Is Not Gold – YW Camp Theme
  5. Angels Among Us YW Camp Theme
  6. Ball Toss About
  7. Bee all you can Be Camp Theme
  8. Bigger or Better?
  9. Biking Activity Prep
  10. BOOT or “ARMY” Camp Theme
  11. BUGS Camp Theme
  12. Camp Theme Ideas
  13. Campcraft Contest
  14. Campfire Program Ideas
  15. Campfire Programs
  16. Candyland: Something Wonderful & Sweet YW Camp Idea
  17. Christ Picture Frame Craft
  18. Ding Dong Ditching – Mormon Style
  19. ER (Eternal Rewards) – Youth Conference Theme
  20. Excercise class at a local gym
  21. Finding Your Way To The Temple
  22. Fire and Camping
  23. Fishing and Camping
  24. Flour Wars
  25. Geocaching
  26. Girls Camp Skit
  27. Girls Camp Theme
  28. Glow in the dark volleyball
  29. Go for the Gold Camp Theme
  30. History related Camp Theme
  31. Honey Bee Resort YW Camp Theme
  32. How to Assemble the Young Women Jewelry Kit
  33. How to Plan a Campfire Award Presentation Program
  34. How to Plan a Patriotic Campfire Program
  35. Human Foosball
  36. Ice-Blocking Activity
  37. Island Paradise YW Camp Idea
  38. It’s a Jungle Out There (FSOY) Youth Conference Theme
  39. JELLO Festival
  40. Jungle Camp Theme
  42. Mutual – Olympic Night
  43. Mutual Olympics
  44. Native American Themed Girls’ Camp
  45. New Era Basketball
  46. Once Upon a Time – YW Camp Theme
  47. Outdoor Cooking – Pit, Dutch Oven, Campfire, Reflector Oven, etc.
  48. Outdoor Cooking Contest
  49. Outdoor Cooking Progressive Dinner
  50. Overnight Camping Trips
  51. Primary Quarterly Activity – Camping Theme
  52. Princess Elite Retreat YW Camp Theme
  53. Princess Themed Girls’ Camp
  54. Righteous Round-Up YW Camp Idea
  55. Ship Camp Theme
  56. Shoot for the Stars Camp Theme
  57. Splish Splash Scripture Bash – Primary Quarterly Activity
  58. Sports Night
  59. Spudwood Derby Activity
  60. Stake Girls’ Camp T-shirts
  61. Team Building/ Alien Hunt
  62. Teddy Bear Picnic YW Camp Theme
  63. The Mountain of the Lord Youth conference Theme
  64. The MTC Experience Youth Conference Theme
  65. Treasure Island Youth Conference Theme
  66. Using Camp Tools
  67. Using Camp Tools Contest

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