Solving Classroom Problems

Teacher Makes a GoofYour lesson went perfectly!  The students were seated reverently — smiles on their angelic faces, expectantly waiting for the important gospel message you thoughtfully crafted, with not a cell phone to be seen.  They were attentive, asking questions and making meaningful comments, and all left uplifted edified.

And then you woke up. :)

Classes rarely go according to our expectations, but please don’t get discouraged! You are not the first gospel teacher who has struggled.  Several teachers have shared their wisdom and experience here to help you with many common classroom problems.

Click on the links below to select from over 100 tried-and-true techniques shared by teachers all over the United States:

Books on Gospel Teaching

I own both of these books and they are the most helpful books I have on the topic of teaching.  Teach Like a Champion is more for Seminary teachers, or those who teach daily, and Stop Struggling, Stop Teaching should be on every gospel teacher’s bookshelf.  SSST has step-by-step procedures for handling very difficult classroom situations.  At the least, SSST will show you how to approach problems in a sensible, gospel-oriented way.

More Help for Gospel Teachers

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Teacher Appreciation

Looking for easy, inexpensive ways to welcome new members into your organization, thank substitute teachers, or encourage teachers and leaders? Here's a list of great ideas. Got a good one? Please post it in the comments section below. You may also be interested in my Ideas for encouraging inactives. Mormon Share - Teacher Appreciation Handout Ideas...

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Teach Students to SEARCH the scriptures

Scriptures Use these techniques to encourage student participation in your gospel teaching. These techniques will help your students learn to SEARCH the scriptures for answers. 60-second Talks - Eaton and Beecher sometimes give students five minutes to prepare a 60-second talk on a verse from the day’s reading. Students then present their talks. If student...

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