Plan a Lesson

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A gospel teacher does not focus on himself or herself. One who understands that principle will not look upon his or her calling as ‘giving or presenting a lesson,’ because that definition views teaching from the standpoint of the teacher, not the student.” – Dallin H. Oaks

Use these ideas below to help you plan student-focused lessons with better participation and meaningful exchanges.

Before Your Lesson

Click on the steps below to find resources to make your lesson planning faster and easier.

  1. Access Manuals
  2. Search for videos at
  3. Search for images at
  4. Download Handouts and/or clipart
  5. Find an Attention-getter
  6. Search by Scripture Reference

During Your Lesson

Use media and other teaching techniques that will increase participation and engagement.

  1. Increasing Student Participation
  2. Help students SHARE thoughts and testimony
  3. Help students SEE a gospel principle in action
  4. Help students learn to SEARCH the scriptures for answers
  5. Behavior Issues in Primary Children
  6. How to teach with the Spirit
  7. Ideas for Boring Lessons

After Your Lesson

Most teachers never evaluate past lessons to help them form a plan for improvement. Don’t forget this important step!

  1. Evaluate Your Lesson
  2. Easy ways to contact missing class members
  3. Share an Idea

Our Lesson Help Library

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Teacher Appreciation

Looking for easy, inexpensive ways to welcome new members into your organization, thank substitute teachers, or encourage teachers and leaders? Here's a list of great ideas. Got a good one? Please post it in the comments section below. You may also be interested in myIdeas for encouraging inactives. Mormon Share - Teacher Appreciation Handout Ideas...

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LDS Object Lessons

LDS Object Lessons An object lesson is a short lesson idea, often used as lesson opener or attention-getter during a Sunday School, Seminary, Young Women, or other lesson. “The first five minutes of the lesson makes all the difference,” said Brother Beecher, who works as a principal for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. “You need...

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LDS Printables, Handouts, and Clipart

Free LDS Printables Since 2003 we've been collecting and creating printable handouts for LDS church members. Our extensive collection of over 5,000 files covers a variety of common topics.  This collection of LDS printables has been free for over ten years. File Collection by Topic Our files ares categorized by topic and LDS auxiliary.  To...

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Family Home Evening

      Getting Started with Family Home Evening Get inspired and begin a Family Night tradition in your home. More Info       FHE Articles Plan a successful Family Home Evening using the tips in these articles. More Info       Ready-made Family Home Evenings These lessons are ready to go for...

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Find Ideas by Scripture Reference

Since we are all (hopefully) teaching lessons that reference scriptures, I've begun an index to show ideas by scripture reference. This library will be a legacy library, meaning that it will be usable forever -- no matter how lessons are changed or manuals are reorganized in the future. Where possible, items have been tagged with...

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Solving Classroom Problems

Your lesson went perfectly!  The students were seated reverently -- smiles on their angelic faces, expectantly waiting for the important gospel message you thoughtfully crafted, with not a cell phone to be seen.  They were attentive, asking questions and making meaningful comments, and all left uplifted edified. And then you woke up. :) Classes rarely go...

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LDS Activity Ideas

Plan an LDS activity quickly by using the links below, or check out our HUGE list of activities by topic. LDS Young Women Mutual, New Beginnings, Girls Camp, Standards Night, Young Women in Excellence Young Women Activities Relief Society Activities Relief Society Birthday, Visiting Teaching Relief Society Activities Young Men Activities Mutual, Standards Night, Camp...

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