Plan a Lesson

Plan a GREAT LESSON fast!

A gospel teacher does not focus on himself or herself. One who understands that principle will not look upon his or her calling as ‘giving or presenting a lesson,’ because that definition views teaching from the standpoint of the teacher, not the student.” – Dallin H. Oaks

Use these ideas below to help you plan student-focused lessons with better participation and meaningful exchanges.

Before Your Lesson

Click on the steps below to find resources to make your lesson planning faster and easier.

  1. Access Manuals
  2. Search for videos at
  3. Search for images at
  4. Download Handouts and/or clipart
  5. Find an Attention-getter
  6. Search by Scripture Reference

During Your Lesson

Use media and other teaching techniques that will increase participation and engagement.

  1. Increasing Student Participation
  2. Help students SHARE thoughts and testimony
  3. Help students SEE a gospel principle in action
  4. Help students learn to SEARCH the scriptures for answers
  5. Behavior Issues in Primary Children
  6. How to teach with the Spirit
  7. Ideas for Boring Lessons

After Your Lesson

Most teachers never evaluate past lessons to help them form a plan for improvement. Don’t forget this important step!

  1. Evaluate Your Lesson
  2. Easy ways to contact missing class members
  3. Share an Idea

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