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Raised from the dead: A story of faith, by Mrs. Leon F. Liddell

This story, titled “The Open Grave – A story of faith” was published in the Church News on 16 May 1948. Accompanying the article written by Mrs. Leon F. Liddell was a photograph of the Eti Teo family posed with … Continue reading

Voice of Wilford Woodruff on Wax Recording bearing testimony of Joseph Smith

By Jenny Smith Jenny Smith: Wilford Woodruff is a particular favorite of mine. I had not noticed his accent before. This goes well with D&C lesson 146 in the seminary teacher manual about the succession in the church presidency. #martyrdom #succession #josephsmith #endowment 8(4 hours ago) Susan Kendrick: Follow (3 hours ago) Jennifer Young Hancock: This is cool! Thx (3 hours ago) Connie Ross Harrison: I heard this for the…
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Testimonies are Recorded

By Rachel Murphy Rachel Murphy: Today’s lesson was #dandc60 and #dandc62. There was a lot to choose from but I felt impressed to focus on two specific scriptures from those sections about testimonies. DandC 60:2-3 and then DandC 62:3. 62:3 talks about our testimonies being recorded by angels in heaven. I had the students go into the gym and pick up a book in the circle and hold it. I…
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Gain a personal testimony of Joseph Smith

By Ben Lewis Ben Lewis : I can’t stop thinking about Elder Anderson’s invitation to gain a personal testimony of Joseph Smith and how relevant this is to current seminary students. I know that Elder Anderson outlined steps of 1) Find scriptures from the Book of Mormon that you know are true, 2) Share them with friends and family, 3) Read Joseph Smith’s testimony in the Pearl of Great Price…
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Our Seminary Book Of Testimony

Downloaded from: http://seminaryatsixam.blogspot.com/2014/06/our-seminary-book-of-testimony.html Each student wrote their testimony on a “plate of gold” and we compiled it in to our own “The Book of Palm Beach & West Palm Beach Seminary”Most of their thoughts were based on the “I Know….. Because….” statements we have discussed.We displayed this on the day of our Seminary Sacrament Meeting andat our End of Year Breakfast.

{Sharing Time} I Can Gain A Testimony Of Jesus Christ

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2014/02/sharing-time-i-can-gain-testimony-of.html IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (hearing a story): Tell the following story: “When President James E. Faust was a child, he had a nightmare and woke up crying. His grandmother hugged him, comforted him, and told him they were safe because Jesus Christ was watching over them. He went peacefully back to bed, assured that Jesus does watch over us.” Tell the children that this experience helped President Faust gain…
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