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Human foosball

I read about this awesome game at https://howdoesshe.com/how-to-play-human-foosball/  It sounds like it’d be so much fun for mutual!  Human foosball is a game to be played in the gym or out of doors inside of a fenced in or boxed in area.  It’s basically like kickball, but you play while holding on to a PVC pipe and only move horizontally to the goals. This is a great activity for mutual, because…
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Daddy/Daughter “Tee”

Shared by Kristine H This was an idea I borrowed from another AC chair in Lewiston, Idaho – thanks Judy C.! This would work for a YW, Activity Day Girls or other Daddy/Daughter event. For this activity, we created a miniature golf course at the ward.  9 teams of dads/daughters created holes from household items that were easy enough for anyone to play (18 months and older).  Each hole was in different rooms at the church.  All family teams were…
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8 Fun October Mutual Activities for Fall Festivals

The weather is getting cooler, and it’s suddenly very nice to be outside!  Autumn is a great time to plan and hold Fun October Mutual Activities. Some of these ideas shared by leaders worldwide will be great for Fall Festivals on a ward or auxilary level. LDS activity ideas for Fall: Glow-in-the-dark Volley ball “We do small pumpkin carving night. We have a Yw Halloween party. We dress up, have games,treats and fun…
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Flour Wars

Mutual Activity ideas

Flour wars is a fun activity that most any youth group can play. It’s kind of like dodge ball. If you get hit by a flour bag, you have to step out of the boundaries, so honestly is involved too. Everyone is divided into teams. The team with the most still in wins. It’s not boys against the girls either. The nylon bags of flour don’t hurt because they don’t…
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Ding Dong Ditching – Mormon Style

Ding Dong Ditching

Ding Dong Ditching (somtimes called Ring and Run) is a neighborhood prank that’s been around for ages. Kids ring the doorbell of a random house and run away, trying not to get caught. But when members of the #MormonMafia do it, we leave a plate of cookies, note,  or other small treat at the door.  Often ding dong ditchers will hid where they can see the reaction of the homeowners when they find…
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