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Prepare Every Needful Thing – Back to School Mutual activity

I’m a new young women’s president, and I’m planning mutual this week so that I can learn to do it in order to teach the young women to do it later.  This week it’s class activities and I’m teaching Laurels.  Since school started two weeks ago, I’m doing a class on organization that I’m calling Prepare Every Needful thing. We will discuss as a group some of the things that…
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Last Minute Book of Mormon Read-a-Thon for Mutual

My stake set a challenge for everybody. especially the youth, to read The Book of Mormon by July 1st. Several months ago the laurel class had talked about doing a Book of Mormon read-a-thon, but due to disorganization (mostly on my part) we never did it. Then, when our mutual plans changed last minute for the week of July 1st, the idea came up again. Instead of everybody reading the entire Book of Mormon, they would just come and read as a group from where they were already at, with the hope that it would motivate everybody to finish (and claim a super cool prize and Girls Camp).

Of course then we ended up holding mutual on July 2nd, but I think it may have helped to realize that just because you didn’t reach the goal doesn’t mean you failed, and reading the Book of Mormon after July 1st is just as important as reading it before—but then the deadline was extended to that Sunday (July 5th).

In preparation I threw together half-sheet reading charts, a group tracking chart, and a quote handout, just for fun. I also provided pens and sticky notes, for marking verses along the way. It turned out that almost everybody was out of town, so we only had 6 of 20-25 girls show up, but it was still a productive evening for most.

I’m sharing the resources I made in the hopes that others out there who want a low-key but still spiritual last minute activity can do it with as little prep work as possible.

As a bonus, I thought after the fact that it would’ve been fun, had we had a larger group, to divide up into groups based on our locations, so I made signs for those as well.

All the files can be downloaded in one .zip folder here.

Airplane Crash Activity

It’s the Activity That Kills You but Won’t Die: the Flight 227 airplane crash activity. The airplane crash activity isn’t a good activity, and know that you are advised not to perform it.  I thought I had squelched it years ago with my forum posts repeating the First Presidency letter warning members not to wear all white at activities.  But no dice…. If you’re looking for a fun LDS activity,…
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Ice-Blocking Activity

By JOLLY ROGERS Our YM planned our combined YM/YW activity this week – “Ice-Blocking” They bought a bunch of blocks of ice from the grocery store (they got about a dozen of them, which was perfect because we had about 20 kids show up, so they just took turns). Everyone brought a small towel to sit on (dish towel sizes were too big, hand-towel size is better). The concept was…
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Multi-ward YW craft night & clothes swap Mutual Activity

By JOLLY ROGERS Tonight was our 2nd Annual All-girls Activity with a neighboring ward (who shares our building). So fun! Read about last year’s swap activity on my post here This year the YW President in the other ward suggested that we do something like a craft night (mini-Super Saturday type event), followed by our popular YW clothes swap. Not every girl is into crafts, but I think we did…
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Life sized PAC MAN combined activity

By JOLLY ROGERS For a recent combined activity, we needed to make decorations for a dance we were hosting the following weekend, but we knew it wouldn’t take the entire time and wanted to have something fun to look forward to after the work was done… We decided on a Life-Sized Pac-Man game! I originally saw the idea on a youth-group website, but I couldn’t find any real instructions on…
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{Guest Post} 5 Last Minute Youth Activities From Let’s Get Together

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2014/03/guest-post-5-last-minute-youth.html Hi there! This is Natalie from Let’s Get Together and we are so excited to be guest posting here at Little LDS Ideas. Sheena is super talented, and we love the fun ideas and beautiful things she shares here.I blog with my sisters and my mom-so I guess you could say we’re a family blog in every sense. We blog as a family and for families, because we really…
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