Ideas for Welcoming New Beehives to Young Women

When a girl turns 12, she is welcomed into the Young Women program in each unit of the church. Below are ideas for welcoming new Beehives to Young Women and instructions from the Church Handbook of Instructions on how to orient young women and their families to the Personal Progress Program

CHI 2, 10.7.3 Personal Progress Responsibilities of Leaders

When a young woman reaches age 12, the second counselor in the Young Women presidency and the class adviser for the Beehives arrange to meet with her and her parents. A member of the Beehive class presidency may also attend.

The leaders give the young woman a Young Women Personal Progress book and explain the program to her and her parents. They encourage her parents to work with her in selecting and completing Personal Progress experiences and projects. They explain that her mother may also work on Personal Progress and earn an award. Other women may also help and participate in the program themselves.

Young Women leaders give the young woman copies of For the Strength of Youth and True to the Faith (if the bishop has not already given them to her). They also give her a pendant with the Young Women logo on it, which can be ordered through Church Distribution Services.

Young Women leaders also give this orientation to young women who enter the organization later than age 12.

Additional instructions for parents and leaders are included in the Young Women Personal Progress book.

And here’s what the Personal Progress book teaches:

Introduce the Program

Young Women leaders meet with each young woman who enters the Young Women program and her parents. A member of the young woman’s class presidency could also attend. The leaders present the young woman with a Young Women Personal Progress book, a Personal Progress journal, and the Young Women torch pendant. They explain the program to her and encourage parents to work with their daughter in selecting and completing Personal Progress experiences and projects. The leaders should also invite parents to all special events in which their daughter participates.

More ways to welcome New Beehives

But let’s face it — you’re here for the fun stuff — the ideas that other leaders do to make young women a welcoming place for all members.  Here are some ideas I’ve collected or done over the years, but please note that some of them must not know the handbook instruction to present PP manual to the young woman and her parents:

In home visit

The second counselor and the Beehive class president go visit her and her parents during the week prior to her birthday and give her a gift bag with all the YW stuff she needs.” Rachelle C.

One her first Sunday

The other beehives go pick her up from primary with a welcome present.”  Laura G.

“In our unit, the entire Beehive class, counselor, and advisor goes to Primary to collect the new Beehive on the first Sunday after she turns 12.  The rest of the young women — Mia Maids and Laurels, plus leaders — form a little gauntlet and make a bridge with their arms outside the young women room.  The young woman is thus welcomed into our program with lots of smiles and laughter!”  Jenny S.

We have the entire YW leaders and girls go to primary to get her. We put in her a graduation cap and gown with a candy lei. Then we create a tunnel out the primary door and hum the graduation song. Once in YW we present her with a small canvas bag with her personal progress book and journal, her personal progress bookmark, her torch necklace, strength of youth booklet and burts bees chapstick. Then we have them or another YW introduce things about them. Oh and the canvas bag is big enough to fit their scriptures.”  Alicia K.

We decorate their room with streamers, we have a basket we leave that has a nail polish, her favorite candy, her personal progress book, Strength of Youth, her medallion necklace and a note. I also started a tradition of printing out 12 bees and we hide them around her room. Then in Sunday, all the YW get her from primary. We have a crown she wears and we wave ribbons around the colors of the values.” Nicole Q.

The girls make her a fleece tie blanket as a welcome gift. They go down to primary, and bring her up to the Young Women’s room. We then have her mom introduce her to the class. We also explain what the program is all about, and let the girls answer questions she may have.” Roxanne G.


On Sunday we have the mom or dad come in YW and spotlight her during opening exercise.”

“The mom spotlights the girl in front of all yw and then we have a ‘beehive’ cake to celebrate her coming in.”  Laura G.

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