Christmas Lesson Ideas for Young Women

Like most YW leaders, you’re looking for Christmas Lesson Ideas for Young Women during the month of December. The 2010 Resource Guide gives this (not very helpful) advice: “Consider teaching lessons on the Savior during the Easter and Christmas seasons.” The 2008 guides read: “The manual does not include a specific Christmas lesson. If you want to teach a special Christmas lesson, consider using scriptures, conference addresses, Church magazine articles, pictures, and hymns that focus on the Savior.”

In light of that advice, I’ll list a few resources that might help you plan a Christ-centered Christmas lesson for the young women you teach.

  • Sharing Time Lesson index has tons of Christmas Sharing Time Lessons from the Friend that you can adapt to make a super easy Young Women’s lesson.
  • First Presidency Christmas Broadcast will be on the Church’s broadcast page after December 5. You can use parts of it for an awesome multimedia lesson — great for chatty girls!
  • Handel and the Gift of the Messiah is an Ensign Article you could use along with the beautiful music of the Messiah to teach about Jesus Christ’s birth. I especially love the “Lessons from Handel’s Life” header.

YouTube’s Mormon Messages channel

Ideas from other YW Blogs and Websites

  • Holly’s Corner – Click on the “Christmas Lesson” link toward the bottom of her post. It has a nice PDF describing her Silent Christmas Lesson Here’s what she says about it: “The concept of the Silent Christmas Lesson has been floating around for a while now. The general idea is that you give the entire lesson based on inspirational pictures, scriptures and music with no talking. The lesson is organized so that listening to music coincides with personal reading and/or observing pictures.”
  • LDS-YW Yahoo Group has a lesson idea where you take each piece of a nativity set and describe the setting of the nativity story as you pick up each piece. This would be a good lesson for any young women’s group, but I think special needs groups would find it especially helpful. (Great for FHE, too!)
  • LDS-YW Groups shares another idea where Young Women taught Primary for Christmas. What a great gift! And this could also count towards a Knowledge or Good Works Personal Progress experience.
  • SugarDoodle’s Christmas Lessons Page – several ideas

What are YOU doing in Young Women for Christmas?

Do you have great Christmas Lesson Ideas for Young Women? Please tell us in the comments section below!!!

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