2019 Mutual Theme: Keep My Commandments

It’s that time of year again — the Church has released the 2019 mutual theme!  I’m really excited about the new mutual theme items I’ve created this year.  I’ve made two logo styles.  The first is this chalkboard style:

If ye love me keep my commandments poster – Chalkboard style

Necklace with mutual theme pendant

Necklace with mutual theme pendant – available in 9 styles (Chalk black shown)

If ye Love Me Keep My Commandments Temple Logo

The chalkboard style is always the most popular of the logos I create each year, but as usual, I love the simplicity of my other logo better.  This year –it just came to me — I stacked the letters from the scripture to create a temple.  It shows that if we keep the commandments, we can reach the temple.  This logo is so simple!  It would look great on your t-shirts or other items.

Every year folks steal my ideas for bracelets and logos, and I anticipate this idea being stolen many times over.  But, folks, here’s the original.  Enjoy!

If ye love me keep my commandments temple

2019 Mutual Theme Temple logo

9 style for mutual theme logo

These are available in 9 different colors. You can buy them ready made or make your own with my DIY kit.

Use your Cricut or Silhouette and make cheap camp t shirts with this logo using my ready made files.

New Product: Mutual Theme Lip Balm Sliders

This year, for the first time, I’m offering lip balm sliders with the 2019 mutual theme:

Mutual Theme Lip Balm Sliders

Mutual Theme Lip Balm Sliders

They are available in cherry or herbal mint flavors

This year I am way ahead of the game, and I have my bracelets and bracelet kits in stock now.  As always, order before January 1 for early bird pricing on my mutual theme  items.

2019 Mutual Theme Products

I’m adding

Ideas for Utilizing the Mutual Theme at Youth Activities

  • Use the theme as a starting place for planning your New Beginnings event in Young Women.   It surprises me how few units actually do this.  I shared the mutual theme with class presidencies during our 6-month planning meeting last week. Class presidents voted to use a footsteps/hiking motif for our New Beginnings in February.
  • Use John 14:15 / Keep My Commandments as a theme for standards night.  With President Nelson’s new emphasis on For the Strength of Youth, this year’s theme seems like a fantastic place to begin planning your standards night activity.
  • Plan combined YW/YM activities that relate to one or more of the themes.
  • Plan your Girls Camp around the 2019 mutual theme. The new girls camp manual provides a great resource for planning.  Camp will be different — no painful level experiences — and should be a great experience for everyone.


Actually, I don’t think I’m going to post any articles on the 2019 mutual theme this year because I’m moving to a new website.  But if I change my mind, the posts will appear below:

Big News for Come Follow Me lessons!

After December 2018, I will stop updating MormonShare.  Even before President Nelson asked us to stop using Mormon to refer to ourselves, I had been thinking about refocusing myself on teaching — my passion — and starting a new more focused website where I can give users a better experience and provide more help to teachers preparing come follow me lessons.

So, if you’ve read this far, you’re the first to know:  I’m moving to my new lesson site, No Boring Lessons.  No Boring Lessons is going to focus strictly on teacher training for Come Follow Me.  CFM for Primary, Sunday School, Young Women, and Young Men ideas are going up now.  I estimate the site will be mostly usable by mid December.  You can look at it now, but it’s still a little rough.  I’m reindexing all the content by hand, which is taking some time to do.  But in a few more weeks I’ll have lesson help for all the lessons in the 2019 Come Follow Me series.

Free Instant Download

We are moving to http://NoBoringLessons.com/ where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss