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2 Nephi 29-30, Flex Day

2 Nephi 29-30 Today I used the ideas from Teaching the Book of Mormon Part One to teach my lesson.  I loved the Fred example from the book and modified it into a comic strip form so that every kids could participate in finding a respoonse to someone who may not be interested in the BoM because they believe God has not shared any of His word anywhere besides the…
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Thought Book Covers

These Thought Book Covers were submitted by Karen G. to accompany her successful Thought Book Activity submission. Each book has 730 thoughts — or enough to have one quote or thought for each day of a two-year mission. This would make a fun gift, mutual, or FHE project. The images of the First Vision and Jesus at the Second Coming are Copyright 2006, Intellectual Reserve Inc. Used with permission. Thanks,…
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The family is ordained of God and is central to His plan

Primary Talks

Father plopped a stack of books on the table and announced, “Tonight for family home evening we are going to write our testimonies in a Book of Mormon. Practice first on a piece of paper. Then, using your best penmanship, write your testimony on the inside cover, and sign your name. We’ll glue one of your school pictures underneath it, and tomorrow I’ll give the books to the bishop to…
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