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Prepare Every Needful Thing – Back to School Mutual activity

I’m a new young women’s president, and I’m planning mutual this week so that I can learn to do it in order to teach the young women to do it later.  This week it’s class activities and I’m teaching Laurels.  Since school started two weeks ago, I’m doing a class on organization that I’m calling Prepare Every Needful thing. We will discuss as a group some of the things that…
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Q&a: How To Create An Effective Flip Chart

Downloaded from: http://afprimarysingingtime.blogspot.com/2013/02/q-how-to-create-effective-flip-chart.html Flip charts can be a great way to teach a new song.  I have several opinions about them, so I’ll share a few of those with you and then give you some ideas about how I create flip charts and how you can do it at home! Opinion #1:  Don’t overuse them.  You do not need to use a flip chart every month.  There are a lot…
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