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Temptation: Like a Snapping Turtle Trap

Object Lesson

Prepare a snapping turtle trap: Pound nails into a two-foot-long piece of board at three- or four-inch intervals. Bend the head of each nail at a 90-degree angle (see the illustration). If it is not feasible to prepare this trap, draw a picture of it on the chalkboard, [like this:] (Image is copyright 2010, Intellectual Reserve. Used by permission.) Display the snapping turtle trap (or refer to the drawing on…
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The Importance of the Gospel

Object Lesson

To illustrate the importance of the gospel, display a map. Ask why we use maps. Then compare the map to the gospel. Explain that like a map, the gospel of Jesus Christ guides us. It helps us stay on the path that leads to eternal life with our Heavenly Father. (Source: Teaching, No Greater Call, F: Methods of Teaching, Comparisons and Object Lessons)

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