Sharing the gospel is a “piece of cake”

Object Lesson

The teacher sits in front of the class devouring a piece of delicious chocolate cake, while verbalizing how delicious it is; how moist; how chocolatey; how delectable. The class watches and becomes a bit jealous. The teacher asks, “Oh, did you guys want some of this cake?” the class of course says “yes”. Compare that with the gospel. The gospel is a delicious chocolate cake that we often keep to ourselves. Many people would enjoy this “chocolate cake” but maybe don’t realize we have it. Or maybe we’re afraid to share. What if our friends ask us questions that we don’t know the answers to, such as what are all the ingredients of the cake? And what if I don’t know the anwer right away? Well, we can find out the answer by asking someone else or researching for ourselves. Just like I can look up the ingredients of a cake recipe. Share the gospel…It’s a piece of cake!

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