The Living Christ – Memorization Activity

Lori G’s Young Women’s class memorized “The Living Christ”. Here is her story of their experience:

“Our young women and leaders took the challenge to memorize “The Living Christ” as a ward. It was an AWESOME experience and we have been asked to share our ideas many times. I have attached a copy of the [images] used to create cards for us to help with the memorization. We worked on a paragraph each week and celebrated the success with a culminating Luau for all of the young women in the ward. We even had a few new Beehives take the challenge and memorize the entire document in less than a week. This experience has been such a great testimony builder and has united our Young Women more than we imagined. I hope this is the most efficient way of sharing this experience with many young womens leaders everywhere.”

I have plugged all of Lori’s cards into a ZIP file for easy downloading. Simply download the file to your computer and double click the icon. Choose “Extract all files” or something close to that. The only tricky part is making sure that you both save your file and extract the files to a location you can find again. Windows users, be sure to use the “Browse” button to find the best spot to save your file.

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