Temple Box

This temple box makes a great handout or visual aid for many different lessons.

Print the image on cardstock (If you use your printer’s “best” ink setting, the moisture in the ink will cause the paper to soften where the ink is heaviest, making it EASY to fold straight lines.)

Fold the flaps, and fold along the walls, floor, and ceiling to form a box.

The roof is left blank so that you can write a scripture or thought from your lesson on it. You can also cut the flaps that support the roof off to make a box that can hold something — a handout, small treat, etc.

Finished temple box.

——-USER TIP————
Jennifer H. says, “For YW Manual 2 Lesson 15, I used the temple box found on your website. I printed it out on velum paper which made it a little more special than plain white paper. At the end of the lesson, I passed out the uncut boxes and scissors. I had each girl turn it upside down and write “I Will Prepare” on the roof (when folded it will end up right side up). Then we cut them out and folded them together. It made for a fun visual handout, and carried a commitment from each girl.”

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