Seagull and Crickets Memory Game

Natasha J created these memory cards saying, “I have made Memory Cards about the Pioneers’ experiences with the crickets and seagulls in the Salt Lake Valley.” Here are the instructions she submitted:

Seagull and Cricket Memory Cards

Purpose: To teach that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers just as he heard and answered the prayers of the pioneers.

Summary: Create small groups to play memory, finding the picture and phrase that match.

Outline: Relate the experiences of the pioneers when they entered the Salt Lake Valley (reference: Primary 5 Manual Doctrine and Covenants Church History, p. 241). You could enlarge the pictures on the cards to use as visual cues as you relate the experience.

Students then play memory. (All the cards mixed and turned upside down. Each child takes a turn to turn over 2 cards, aiming to find the picture and phrase that match. If they find a match, they turn over another 2 cards. If they don’t find a match, the next person has their turn. The winner is the person with the most pairs.)

It is much better to make small groups rather than having 2 large groups. This way children are more involved in the activity and less likely to be noisy and disruptive!!

If groups finish early, have them see if they can put the pictures and phrases in the correct order.

Would make a great Family Home Evening or Sharing Time activity.

6 pages, color.

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