Fasting Fridge – Outside

This fasting fridge handout idea is from another leader’s lesson on fasting.

The text reads:

    Does fasting make you HUNGRY?

    If so…
    “Feed” yourself spiritually
    “Feast” upon the scriptures

    Ten Steps to a Fulfilling Fast:
    1. Plan ahead
    2. Have a particular purpose or goal in mind as you fast
    3. Start the fast with prayer
    4. Direct your thoughts, words, and actions towards keeping the spirit
    5. Abstain from two meals
    6. Study the scriptures
    7. Pay a generous fast offering
    8. Attend all your church meetings
    9. Ponder and meditate
    10. End the fast with a private prayer

Here is what the finished file looks like:

You can download the outside of the fridge by clicking the fasting link below. (I recommend you use the PDF version of this image to make printing the front so it matches the back easier.)

*** Printing tip: Don’t print this on regular ink jet paper like I did, or the ink will show through. Print this project on cardstock instead. ***

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