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Basic Food Storage Recipe Book

I found this awesome document online back in January 2006. It’s a list of seventy food storage recipes that ONLY use the items included in the church’s one month basic supply kit. That means the only ingredients needed to make all of these 70 items are wheat, flour, fat (oil or shortening), sugar, powdered milk, macaroni, quick oats, pinto beans, and salt. It has everything from how to make your own baby teething biscuits, to wheat crackers. Even caramel. It also has information on sprouting wheat and beans, and much, much more. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Problem was, the orginal was formated in PDF to make tiny quarter-page booklets, and was 94 pages long!!! It was also in a tiny font and had quotes interspersed that made reading kind of difficult.

After much work, here it is in what I think is a much better form. One copy that is 23 pages long — or 12 front and back. I’ve deleted the quotes and left just the essential parts. Below is the Table of Contents for the document:

— How to Crack Wheat
— Methods to Cook Wheat

1. Cooked Whole Wheat Kernels
2. Cracked Wheat Cereal
3. Crispy-Fried Cracked Wheat Cereal
4. Pre-Sweetened Cereal Nuggets
5. Whole Wheat Pancakes
6. Popped Wheat Kernels
7. Hot Toastum Drink
8. Wheat Breakfast Porridge
9. Sweet Wheat Pudding
10. Whole Wheat Saltine Crackers
11. Scottish Bannock Bread
12. Popped Wheat Treats
13. Sweet Wheat Crackers/Hardtack
14. Stir-Fried Cracked Wheat
15. Unleavened Bread Sticks
16. Whole Wheat Pie Crust
17. Whole Wheat Tortillas
18. Soft Flour Tortillas
19. Crunchy Wheat Crackers
20. Tasty Wheat Wafers
21. Noodles/Wheat Crisps
22. Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
— Wheat Grass

23. Unleavened Pancakes
24. Brown Gravy/Roux
25. Lumpy Dick
26. Blonde Pudding/Pie Filling
27. Basic Cooked Rice
28. Rice Cereal
29. Creamy Rice Breakfast
30. Rice Cake Treat
31. Easy Rice Pudding
32. Toasted Rice
33. Horchata
34. Hot Oatmeal Cereal
35. Instant Oatmeal Packets
36. Oat Gruel
37. Basic Granola
38. Oatmeal Granola Bar
39. Toasted Oat Crumbles
40. Norwegian Oatmeal Crackers
41. Oat Crackers
42. Oatmeal Cookies
43. Cooked Macaroni
44. Sweet Macaroni
— Cooking and Using Beans
— Methods for Soaking Beans
— Methods for Cooking Beans

45. Basic Beans
46. Refried Beans/Pureed Beans
47. Fat Replacement
— Bean Flour
48. Instant Bean Soup/Gravy
49. Dips and Sandwich Fillings
50. Pinto Bean Paste
51. Cream of Bean Soup
52. Wheat and Bean Burger
53. Pancake Syrup
54. Almost Caramel
55. Bean Ball Candy
— Diastatic Malt – Sweetener From Sprouted Wheat
— Quick Reference for Reconstitution
56. Evaporated Milk
57. Whipped Evaporated Milk
58. Sweetened Condensed Milk
59. Caramel Sauce
60. Milk Gravy
61. White Sauce
62. Graveyard Stew
63. Cemetery Stew
FYI: For Your Information
64. Sourdough Starter
Tips for Sprouting
— Sprouting Wheat
— Sprouted Wheat Bread
65. Essene Bread
66. Essene Flat Bread
— Sprouting Beans
Emergency Foods for Babies
67. Baby Formula
68. Solid Baby Food
69. Creamy Oat Cereal
70. Teething Biscuits
Complementing Proteins
Tips for Wheat Allergies
Expanding Your Pantry

It’s available as a RTF that you can format to suit your needs, or as a 2 column PDF or Word Document.

BasicFoodStorageRecipes2.pdf is this file in an 8.5×11 inch format. Created by Cheryl Driggs.

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