How they do it: Young Women Newsletter Ideas

Young Women Newsletter

Young Women secretaries commonly wonder how others may be handling Young Women newsletters.  Making a newsletter is not required, but it can be a useful tool for leaders to keep in touch with parents.

Young Women Newsletter Ideas

Young Women Newsletter

Lauren says: “This is our latest newsletter- I use the same layout each month to highlight activities, bdays, and Personal Progress achievements/challenges. We just send them by email to the parentsYoung Women Newsletter

Jacinda says: “This was our latest one. Just full of activity dates coming up. We usually include a message from the president, upcoming birthdays, something to do with the monthly theme, social media memes, photos of activities we’ve done etc. Our Mia Maids were still planning their activities, so I left a space they could write it in. A brown book hymn devotional is a collection of songs sung at LDS devotionals. Some from the green hymn book, but most not. A lot of them in a slow R&B kind of style. A local New Zealand thing. Guest singers come in. I use photoshop to create my newsletters. The doodled boxes are from allison kimball

Courtney says: ” Found original outline on Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. Free download. Color. But this is copy I just had picture of in black and white.
Young Women Newsletter ideas

Jacinda says: “Here’s our Feb one, introducing the new theme. And since we didn’t have many other messages that month, we filled page 2 with journaling ideas from one of the Ensign articles.

And above is another from Jacinda.

Young Women Newsletter

Jessica says: “Ours is pretty much the same every month, just a new challenge, theme, and activities. We only have 5 yw total, so we’re always combined.Young Women Newsletter

Pamela says: “Here’s an example of ours. I just used the Word template for “Seasonal Event Flyer” and filled it in with activities and other info on the side. I’ve been putting memes with quotes from the most recent General Conference on each newsletter.

Amy says: “We keep ours pretty basic. We introduce the monthly theme, share a quote or scripture associated with the theme as well as a small message from a member of the YW presidency. We add important calendar dates and times that the parents should be aware of, then the birthday for that month.


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