Young Women Graduation Idea: Temple Slippers with Monogrammed Bag and Poem

Temple Slippers Bag with Poem

Our young women presidency decided to give our young women a graduation gift this year that represents their “next step” — a pair of temple slippers.  Since most of our young women are graduating high school and then moving on to Relief Society, this is a good time for us to remind young women about the importance of temple covenants.

I bought the temple slippers from, and my secretary made these beautiful bags to hold them.  We put each girl’s monogram on the bags using heat transfer vinyl and inserted a copy of a temple slipper poem that we found on The Idea Door.  I uploaded a PDF of the file we made with the temple slippers poem in the attachments section below:

Temple Slippers Bag with Ribbon Ties

Temple Slippers Bag with Ribbon Ties

Temple Slippers

Sweet daughter of God, the path you tread
That’s brought you here today
Is but a tiny stepping stone
To help you on your way.

Keep in mind that Heavenly hosts
Will guard you day and night,
If you’ll but follow the gospel plan
And strive to choose the right.

Be steadfast in the Young Women values
That you’ve grown to hold so dear,
And as the evil one rages on
You’ll have no cause to fear.

These precious temple shoes will serve
As a reminder to walk prayerfully,
So your steps can guide you to the temple
To receive the blessings of eternity.

So, walk in truth and righteousness,
Firmly grasping the iron rod.
Simply follow in Christ’s footsteps
As He leads you home to God.

Patricia Ellsworth, June, 2004

Temple Slippers Bag with monogram

I do everything I can to avoid sewing and can’t give instructions on this project, but if you’d like to learn how to make a drawstring bag like the one pictured, try this link.

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