Young Women Class Presidencies

Get tips on out how to train your Young Women Class Presidency. Includes information on class symbols, etc.

The Class Presidency

A class presidency is normally called for each Young Women class. In a ward or branch with few young women, one presidency may be called for the combined age-groups until the young women are able to be organized into their respective classes. Class presidencies have the following responsibilities:

  • They watch over and fellowship class members, especially those who are new members or less active and those who have disabilities or other special needs. They pray for them, spend time with them, and become genuine friends.
  • They help class members establish close friendships, learn leadership skills, and live the gospel.
  • They help each young woman know that she is welcome when she becomes a member of their class.
  • They support class members’ efforts in the Personal Progress program.
  • They hold regular class presidency meetings.
  • They conduct the Sunday meetings for their classes.
  • They help plan activities, including Mutual.

The class presidents serve on the bishopric youth committee (see Church Handbook of Instructions 18.2.9).

Young Women Class Secretaries

Class secretaries have the following responsibilities:

  • They compile and review attendance information and submit it to the Young Women secretary.
  • They consult with the class presidency to prepare agendas for presidency meetings. They attend these meetings, take notes, and keep track of assignments.
  • They may help class presidencies and Young Women leaders plan activities.

Source for above: Young Women Class Presidencies & Young Women Class Secretaries, Church Handbook of Instructions

Teaching Leadership Principles to Youth

An important part of a young woman’s preparation for adulthood is the development of leadership skills and qualities. Today’s young women are the mothers and Church leaders of tomorrow. Leaders should take every opportunity to give youth leadership experiences.

Young Women leaders have a particular responsibility to teach leadership skills to class presidencies. These skills can be taught in presidency meetings. The following leadership principles should be taught to youth:

  • Follow the Savior’s example.
  • Develop the character traits of a leader, including:
    • Faith.
    • Love.
    • Obedience.
    • Unity.
    • Sacrifice.
  • Fulfill the tasks of a leader.
  • Seek direction and set goals.
  • Plan and delegate.
  • Prepare and use an agenda.
  • Conduct effective meetings.
  • Participate in and conduct effective councils.
  • Keep confidences.Source: Priesthood and Auxiliary Leader’s Guidebook, Leadership, page 17*** Visit this link for more detailed information on each of the above topics. The information found here would make great and easy leadership training for your class presidency meetings. ***

Leadership Training Handouts, etc

I’ve received a lot of fantastic leadership training aids! Here’s a list below:

Official Help

  • Resources available to help parents and leaders teach young men and young women leadership principles are “Gospel Teaching and Leadership,” section 16 of the Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2: Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders, and the Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders’ Guidebook.
  • See also the Class Presidency FAQ at

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