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Week 3: Prophets Teach Me To Pay Tithing.

Downloaded from: http://ohwhatdoyoudoforsingingtime.blogspot.com/2013/05/week-3-prophets-teach-me-to-pay-tithing.html A darling idea for teaching this theme can be found here.  Why reinvent the wheel???  A PDF for a piggy bank is provided but if you do not want to make it, you can always use a real one.  Assign songs for practice to 9 quarters.  Invite a child to drop a quarter into the bank & then sing the corresponding song. Keep the tenth quarter out so…
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{Sharing Time Idea} Prophets Teach Me To Pay Tithing: 3Rd Week Sharing Time Idea For May 2013

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2013/05/sharing-time-idea-prophets-teach-me-to.html Sharing Time Ideas from 2013 Primary OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (reading a scripture): Explain that Malachi was an Old Testament prophet who taught the people to pay their tithing. Ask a child to read Malachi 3:10 as the other children listen for what the Lord promises us if we pay tithing. Explain that “open you the windows of heaven” refers to blessings we receive when we pay tithing.ENCOURAGING UNDERSTANDING (seeing…
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