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Pn29’s Children’s Hymns Handbell Charts

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/03/handbell-childrens-hymns.html Preview of my I Am a Child of God handbell chartI made these Children’s Hymn handbell charts. All are in the Key of C for the no-name handbell set.*All songs changed to the Key of C (key can be transposed on the LDS.org music player). I AM A CHILD OF GOD TEACH ME TO WALK IN THE LIGHT (Missing one note! – a low B. if you…
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Beginning Handbell Charts

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/03/beginning-handbell-charts.html Here are my simple handbell charts for beginner Handbellers.*Key of C one octave (mine are no-name brand, but I believe they are similar to Kid’s Play knock offs): MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB TWINKLE TWINKLE *bell graphics from Handbell Heaven.

Jesus Has Risen Handbell Chart

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/03/jesus-has-risen-handbell-chart.html preview of my handbell chart for Jesus Is Risen8×10 pagesThe following link is: my handbell chart for Jesus Has Risen (in Google Docs) I have the basic Key of C one octave no-brand-name handbells. This chart is made it for Jesus Has Risen: [*Key of C Major, ¾ time sig.]. *To change the key of the piano sheet music go to song on the the music player on…
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