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Gospel Doctrine Notes – Old Testament Lesson 3

Downloaded from: http://ldsscriptureteachings.org/2014/01/19/gospel-doctrine-notes-old-testament-lesson-3/ Lesson 3: The Creation Moses 2-3, Genesis 1-2, Abraham 4-5 What does the creation account tell us? For our current needs, the Lord has given us the beautiful, powerful, concise, and systematic creation accounts of the scriptures. He has also … Continue reading →

My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Verse Two

Downloaded from: http://teachldschildren.com/2013/02/my-heavenly-father-loves-me-verse-two/ My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Verse Two Preparation Items needed: Colored chalk, timer, eraser  Print the word strips onto heavy paper. Cut them out and fold each one in half so the words are hidden. Label each with its correct number.  Draw on the board a large paper doll shape. Presentation Explain that the second verse of the song tells of additional blessings Heavenly Father has given…
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My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Verse One

Downloaded from: http://teachldschildren.com/2013/02/my-heavenly-father-loves-me-verse-one/ (I know one of the above pages has a word wrong, but I changed it in the printable file.) My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Verse One Preparation Items needed: tape, magnets, items to make a large Valentine card, 15 sheets of pink heavy paper. Print and cut out the visual aids. Put a magnet on the back of each item, but first tape together the word “rushes”…
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Jesus Christ Created The Earth Under The Direction Of Heavenly Father: 1St Week Sharing Time Idea For February 2013

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2013/01/jesus-christ-created-earth-under.html Sharing Time Idea from 2013 Primary OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing pictures): Show a picture of the earth and ask the children who created the earth. Explain that Jesus Christ created the earth under Heavenly Father’s direction. Then show a picture of Jesus Christ and invite the children to say, “Jesus Christ created the earth.”ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (drawing pictures): Tell the children that part of Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness was…
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