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Make a CTR Gift Box

This cute CTR gift box is perfect for holding small Christmas and Primary birthday gifts.  Measures 1 7/8″ x 2 1/8″ x 1 7/8″ inches when finished. You’ll need: scissors tape or glue scissors CTR gift box pattern or HLJ gift box pattern 5 minutes Step 1: Assemble your materials and cut out the pattern   Step 2: Fold along the dotted lines Step 3: Tape Step 4: Admire your…
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How to make a CTR Necklace in 15 seconds

Make a CTR necklace in seconds with our CTR necklace kit! Step One Inside the CTR necklace kit, you’ll find a ball chain with fastner and CTR charm with jump ring.  Open the ball chain at the fastener by sliding either ball toward the large slot in the center.  You’ll feel a little resistance as you work.  Don’t worry — the ball chain won’t break. Step Two Slide jump ring on…
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