Positive Outlook

Object Lesson

Start this object lesson by holding up the sheet of paper. Tel the group that it represents our lives. We do all have many problems and disappointments in our lives; (ex. having a flat tire in the middle of the desert, having to care for a sick relative, missing an airplane or bus, or losing a father or mother). Be specific with these problems. As you name each problem, tear a small piece of paper off. Do this until the entire sheet has been torn into pieces. Some might look at this pile of paper and say, “Look at this. My whole life has been nothing but problems.” Yet others would look at this pile of paper, pick up the paper, and toss it in the air as confetti to celebrate the gift of their lives and the problems they have overcome. If you’d like, you can actually throw the confetti in the air. Share your desire for them that they might find joy among the trials, for these trials strengthen you and bring blessings. Read D&C 121 7-8 Source: http://www.eprimary.dk/ – (visit the Primary Object lessons section)

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