Follow the Prophet

Object Lesson

The prophet has “seen inside the box”. We should all follow him.Tell the class that you’ve put something special for them in one of the boxes, and you want them to choose which box they want to get their reward from by raising their hands.

Ask the class is it hard to choose? Why? It’s hard to make decisions without information or experience. They haven’t seen inside the boxes and can’t make a good choice.

Call up a member of the class and let her look in each box. Invite her to sit back down, and ask again who wants what’s in box A (nothing). No one will raise their hands, because the girl who knows what’s in the box won’t raise her hand.

Now ask who wants what’s in Box B (the treat). Everyone will raise their hands after checking with the girl who saw inside the box. Ask why did the class choose Box B? Because the girl who saw inside the box chose Box B. Duh, right? She’s seen inside both boxes.

Bear witness that our Prophet has “seen inside the box” and knows the choices we should make. He will always make good choices and we will receive eternal rewards by watching the choices he makes. If we don’t choose the Prophet’s way, what do we get? Open the first box–nothing, no eternal family, no hope, no joy. May we all follow the Prophet in the same way (Thinking “Duh” of COURSE I will follow him.) to get our eternal reward. Let each person pick their reward from the box.

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