“A candle loses nothing by lighting another”

Object Lesson

This is a simple and easy, yet thought provoking object lesson. It can also be applied in many different ways. Start by lighting one of the candles, ask for a volunteer and give them a candle. Then light the other candle from the candle already lit. What did they observe? Did the candle lose any of it’s momentum from sharing it’s flame. No, in fact it shines brighter. Hence, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” I have used this in my lessons about service and how it is the person doing the serving who, by sharing their flame, burns brighter and gets the most out of the experience. Also enabling the person they are serving to light the way for others. It can also be compared to the light within us that gospel brings and sharing that light with others through missionary work and being a disciple of Christ. It could also be compared to preisthood blessings, the sacrifices made by our Savior or our Pioneer ancestors, being a good example or any other subject where giving, sharing, or service is involved.

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