Scripture Study Helps Jeopardy – Book of Mormon

During the first week of Seminary, it’s suggested that you teach a lesson on the study helps in the scriptures to help students get more out of their gospel study. Last year’s game worked out so well for New Testament that I made an online Jeopardy-style game for Book of Mormon to use for this purpose this year.

Mentors/Minions Game

After a brief introduction to the scripture study helps, I will separate my class into groups. Each group will have at least one freshman (minion) and two or three upperclassmen (mentors). Mentors will quiz minions and give them tips on how to use the scripture study helps that have been helpful to them. Mentors are preparing minions for the Jeopardy game to come. I will have some sample questions on the board that mentors can use to teach their minions how to use the scripture study helps. This is a timed lesson. I’ll probably go with 4-6 minutes on the timer, depending on class time.


When time is up, students will gather around the TV for our game by teams of mentors and minions.

  • Minions will choose topics and answer questions. Mentors can assist minions only when asked for help. If a minion must ask for help to answer a question, the team may only receive half-credit for that response.
  • If one team can not answer a question, another team may “steal” the question for full point credit.
  • This year I’ve added in a Seniors Only section that will be the last Category.  Seniors can try to save their group by answering these more difficult questions that may or may not have to do with the Book of Mormon.
  • Minions will answer the Final Jeopardy Question.

The intent of mentor/minion is to help students learn by teaching. Upperclassmen will cement their knowledge of gospel study habits by teaching freshmen. Since students learn well — sometimes better — from each other, Freshmen will also learn scripture study habits. Questions in the jeopardy-style game are formulated to help students learn the broad range of information available in gospel study helps and apply it to real questions. Allowing mentor students to help minions and allowing other teams to steal help students pay attention even when another student is answering a question.

Book of Mormon Scripture Study Helps Jeopardy

Click the following link and enter the data to play online (also includes iPad or non-flash version):…

Below is the answer key:

Page Numbers (easy)

#1 On what page does the Index begin? Page 1, Appendix.

#2 On what page does the Book of Alma begin? Page 207, Book of Mormon.

#3 On what page does the Book of Enos begin? Page 136, Book of Mormon.

#4 On what page does the Book of Helaman end? Page 406, Book of Mormon.

#5 On what page does the Book of Mormon end? Page 487, Book of Mormon.


General Knowledge (moderate)

#1 What book comes after Omni? Words of Mormon

#2 Name the Eight Witnesses to the Book of Mormon. Christian Whitmer, Jacob Whitmer, Peter Whitmer Junior, John Whitmer, Hiram Page, Joseph Smith Senior, Hyrum Smith, Samuel H. Smith

#3 Explain what the references at the top left or right of each page mean. The left pages show first full book, chapter and verse that begins on that page.The left pages show last book, chapter and verse that begins on that page.

#4 Explain the difference between the Index and Topical Guide. The Index contains only information from the Triple Combination. It is based on words that actually appear in the scriptures and is useful when you know part of a scripture found in the Triple. The Topical Guide covers all four standard works and is grouped by gospel topic, not necessarily words or phrases.

#5 Name any two of the groups of metal plates Mormon combined to create the Book of Mormon.  The Brass Plates, the Small Plates of Nephi, the Large Plates of Nephi, the Plates of Mormon, or the Plates of Ether.


Application (difficult)

#1 Why would you use the Index to find scriptures about Captain Moroni’s life instead of using the Topical Guide? Defend your answer. The Topical Guide is for looking up scriptures about people and words found in the Book of Mormon, D&C or Pearl of Great Price.

#2 You are giving a devotional on grace. Where would you look to find scriptures on that topic? Defend your answer. Topical Guide or Bible Dictionary, because the index is a list of scriptures that include the word ‘grace’, not a group of scriptures about the topic of grace.

#3 Using Helaman 12:1, find out what year Samuel the Lamanite prophesied of Jesus Christ’s birth. 7 BC

#4 How many Coriantumrs are mentioned in the Book of Mormon? Three

#5 You are giving a talk and you know there is a scripture that uses the word ‘daylight’ that would be perfect. You are sure the verse is in the Book of Mormon. How could you find it using only your paper scriptures? Use the Index, because it contains a list of every main word found in the Triple.


Footnotes (easy)

#1 What is a footnote? A footnote is a reference, explanation, or comment placed below the main text on a printed page.

#2 How might you use a footnote? Footnotes can help you understand a passage’s context or meaning more deeply.

#3 How many letters are used in Alma 33:22 as footnotes? Six (A-F)

#4 Name a cross reference for Alma 41:10. Name a cross reference for Alma 41:10.

#5 What should you look up from the footnote for Mosiah 28:3b? Worth of Souls, Topical Guide


SENIORS/SAVIORS (Lead Team Excluded)

#1 What does the abbreviation GR mean in the footnotes? There is an alternate Greek translation, or the translation from Greek may add clarity to this verse.

#2 What is the fastest way to find a scripture mastery? Defend your answer Memorization and practice, or student discretion.

#3 Using scripture study helps answer the following question: What is a denarius? BD, denarius –> BD, money. A silver Roman coin.

#4 Why is there no map or photos section included in the Book of Mormon? Because we don’t know exactly where or with which ancient peoples these events occurred.

#5 What is the last book considered to be part of the Small Plates of Nephi? Omni


Final Question

Read 2 Nephi 1:6 Follow the footnote in 6a to explain who the word ‘none’ is referring to in this verse. It is a reference to the many people who are brought to the Americas. They were all brought by the hand of God. The Nephites and Lamanites were not the only people in the Americas.

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