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Our New Beginnings theme this year is, “Come Unto Christ: A Walk with the Savior through Personal Progress”. The evening’s inspiration comes from the article found in the January 2014 issue of the New Era. We’ve invited the Young Women and their families to attend, dressed in biblical attire, and to bring blankets to sit on. Our invitations have footprints crossing from the cover to the inside, marking a path through the New Era article’s photos of Christ relating to the YW values.  You can download a version of it here, that you can add your own time and date information to.

I’ve revamped my Personal Progress slideshow, adding the same photos as mentioned above. The art for the title slide was found on The Art of Choosing Joy. You can download the slide show here. It is an Adobe Acrobat file which you play in full screen mode, and just hit the up and down keys to play as a slide show.

As the slide show plays, we will have one or more young women come to the front wearing scarves that coordinate with each value, and share their thoughts about how we come unto Christ through the values of Personal Progress. We may also play this video of the 2014 theme song.

One other fun idea we had was to play song #90 in the Children’s Songbook, “Truth from Elijah”, which has a traditional Hebrew musicality to it, and to have the girls stand in a circle and perform some very simple Israeli folk dancing.

Our refreshments will include hummus and vegetables, pita chips, fruit and figs, and date cake with whipped cream.

You can also see the take-away gifts we are giving to the new Beehives and other young women here.

This sheet may be useful in planning your New Beginnnings:


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