What is the church's view & understanding about cremation for burial after death ...??

I cannot seem to find any information regarding the church's view on the use of Cremation for burial following the death of a loved one .. Can you help me find the answers, including all implications for afterlife.

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LDS views on cremation.

LDS views on cremation. Information on the Church's suggestions for burial are here:


In short, like all Christian faiths, it is suggested that LDS church members be buried rather than cremated where local ordinances and circumstances allow because of the symbolism of burial and baptism.

"Except where burial is prohibited by law, we are counseled to bury our dead. There are important symbolic references to burial in the ordinance of baptism and elsewhere in the doctrines of the Church. Where required by law, alternate methods of disposing of the remains do not nullify the Resurrection." (Boyd K. Packer, "Funerals: A Time for Reverence," Ensign, Nov. 1988, see also Bruce R. McConkie Mormon Doctrine, "Cremation")

There are no "implications" for the afterlife. Bodies will be restored to their glorious form at the Resurrection regardless of the manner their body was disposed of or how the person met their end.

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I like the refrence from

I like the refrence from Jenny and I believe that is as close to doctrine on the matter as you will get. I also looked up info in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism and it was pretty similar. I think cremation is fine under certain circumstances if a burrial is something that is not possible or would cause great financial or other distress on those living. I have not found any refrences anywhere to it being a sin or against Church policy. But we really are encouranged to bury our dead loved ones for multiple reasons including how symbolic it is. I also think it is interesting how in the Church we dedicate graves by the power of the priesthood just like we dedicate homes and churches and temples. I think that says something about how special a person's resting place is until the resurrection. With cremation, most people do not dedicate a grave or place for the deceased but many people throw their ashes into an undedicated place. I think anyone who is looking into that may want to research the reasons we dedicate graves. I have also heard individuals speak of what it will be like to come forth in the resurrection from the graves surrounded by loved ones who were burried nearby. And how our spirits may wait near our bodies as we anticipate our resurrection and how wonderful it will be to gather with our family by our graves and come forth so close together. I am not sure how it will be during those moments prior to the resurrection if someone's ashes are tossed and spread on the wind, but I wonder if they could have the same experience as those who were burried by loved ones. But all in all, it probably doesn't matter that much. All will be resurrected no matter how they died or were commemorated. You have to prayerfully decide what would be best for living family and friends as well as the wishes of the deceased person and try to do what will benefit those it matters to the most.

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Here is the statement found

Here is the statement found in Handbook 2: Administering in the Church found at: http://lds.org/handbook/handbook-2-administering-the-church/selected-chu... "Cremation

The Church does not normally encourage cremation. The family of the deceased must decide whether the body should be cremated, taking into account any laws governing burial or cremation. In some countries, the law requires cremation.

Where possible, the body of a deceased member who has been endowed should be dressed in temple clothing when it is cremated. A funeral service may be held (see 18.6)."

Hope this helps