Business Information Sharing Instructions

We believe it's essential for LDS businesses to have resources to assist them in gaining exposure to a broad LDS audience. Following are instructions for publicizing your website on the Jenny Smith family of LDS websites.

Please note, information that does not meet the following criteria will be deleted, possibly without warning, so please read the following instructions carefully.

The First Step: Register

    Register for an account with us. As a registered member, you will be able to create content and post links to your website.

The Second Step: Update Your Account Profile

    After logging in, update your account profile by clicking the "My Account" link at the top left of the page. Once there, click the "edit" tab to create your public profile. Please note the following tips for editing your account profile:

  1. Please limit the short description to no more than three sentences.
  2. Don't forget to add a link to your website. (It will appear on your profile page and on any content you create, excluding forum posts.)
  3. You may add other text and information to your page including links to external pages.
  4. Add a picture. It could be your website's logo, but head shots are preferred.

Quick Link to Your Website

    Go to the Web Directory, and add a link to your website in the "Add Weblinks" section. (Backlinks are not required, but they are appreciated.)

    These LDS Links may contain any promotional material you'd like to share about your website. The text may be as long or short as you like, and it may contain multiple links.

Promotional Copy

    Promotional copy is what we call "my web site is wonderful" writing. Don't put it anywhere except in your profile or in the Web Directory. Text describing why you created your website, the products you offer, how fast your shipping is, and why your store is better than others is promotional copy.

    To reiterate: promotional copy may ONLY be posted in the General LDS links forum and in your profile. It will be deleted from any other location.

Writing an Article, Activity, Object Lesson, or Sharing an Image

    This is the preferred way for business owners to share information about their businesses.

    Go to the share section of the website. Share a favorite activity idea, great object lesson, tips on a calling, or upload a handout you created. The information you share may be related to your business, but it may not contain promotional copy. Exceptions may be made when the item is a craft that requires certain items for completion (see below).

    The "about the artist" or "about the author" sections on each of these content types will publish a link to your website, a link to your profile, your picture, and your brief bio. So, when you log in and provide any content to Mormon Share, you _automatically_ get publicity and name recognition!

    Becoming a regular contributor is the best way to promote your website, as it keeps your posts (and therefore, your name) at the top of our lists and feeds. It also helps you establish name recognition to our over 100,000 monthly visitors.


    Another way to gain name recognition is by making useful comments on other's posts. Each comment will contain a link to your profile, which makes you become a trusted user and directs users to your profile and links.

    Do not use a comment to post promotional copy.

Tag Spamming

    Do not spam the website by placing your item in every category on the website. Please be very selective about the tags you give to content. For example, do not place your business that sells LDS t-shirts in the top-level topics like LDS Young Women, LDS Young Men, Primary, etc. Instead, place it in LDS Apparel, or tshirts.

    "Cool LDS T-shirts" is not a good tag. Think about what people are likely to search for on _this_ website, and tag accordingly.

A Special Note for Vinyl and Craft Companies

    Please do not post a 4 line set of instructions. Your post must use complete sentences and include detailed step-by-step instructions. It should also include at least one photo of the completed project.

    Your post should include tips on use. For example, if a craft item may be used as a table decoration at New Beginnings -- say so.

    For your own sake, please be sure to tag your post with helpful, specific terms like "craft", "Super Saturday", "Fabulous Friday", or "Christmas craft".

    TotallyAwesomeVinylNewCraft or Relief Society are not good tags for crafts.

I am an artist...

    Artists are invited to submit original illustrations or images to the database along with a bio on your profile. The bio may include a history of your art interests and experience along with a link to your website or a location where your items may be purchased.

    Descriptions of past uses of your artwork are always appreciated.

For All Businesses

    Please consider sharing information on your other areas of expertise. You can write an article on following up on Ward cleaning assignments or working as a music leader, and a link to your website will automatically show up in the "about the author" section.

Paid Advertising

I am now accepting pay-per-view advertisers again. All ads include unlimited views, but the number of views your ad receives depends on the number of visitors to the website and the number of pages they view, divided by the number of ads currently running. Our sites receive an average of 900,000 page views per month. As of today (Feb 9, 2010) Your ad would be displayed approximately 70,000 times over the course of one month. The amount of times your ad is clicked depends on the quality of your ad and the usefulness to viewers.

Advertising rates are given in US dollars as follows:

  • Static page sponsor (, JennySmithnet) - $50-$1000 annually, depending on pageviews
  • Rotating ad, skyscraper size ( $350 annually
  • Rotating ad, small box size ( $250 annually
  • Rotating text ad (, $225 annually
  • Menu listing ( - $800 annually

Affiliate Advertising

I will promote your shopping site for free if you have an affiliate program. Email me with information about how to sign up for your affiliate program.

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Carol McNew's picture

I would like to send you a

I would like to send you a copy of an image of Christ that I have had since the 80's, and need to find out who owns it. It was on LDS clipart up until about 2008, now it is nowhere to be found. I have a purpose for it and need to get permission.
If you are agreeable to me emailing this i would be most appreciative.
Thank you, Carol McNew