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Mia Maid Rose Necklace

Mia Maid Rose Necklace

My daughter who is about to move up from the Beehive class to the Mia Maid class came up with this adorable necklace design.  It’s simple, classy, and easy to make.  She’s awesome! Step One: Assemble Your Materials For this project you’ll need adhesive, pliers one Mia Maid Rose Cabochon Pendant, one jewelry bail, and […]

Relief Society Necklace

Make an LDS Necklace for less than $2.00

Bottlecap jewelry is becoming very popular these days because this type of jewelry is easy to make and inexpensive.  In fact, you can make a beautiful necklace in less than five minutes for less than $3.00 with our Resin Dome Pendant Necklace Kit. Step One: Gather Supplies You’ll need: Scissors One Resin Dome Pendant Necklace […]


When Life Gives You Lemons

We made lemonade out of lemons today as we studied the Saints arrival in Commerce, Illinois  and began to settle and build the city of Nauvoo after being expelled from Missouri.The land was a swamp infested with mosquitos and many of the Saints co…


Funeral Program for Joseph Smith -D&C 135

This is one of my favorite lessons for the D&C year.  To teach D&C 135 about the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, I like to hold funeral services. With the services outlined here, it has the class read and listen to all of D&C 135, and hear the words of Parley P. Pratt, Lucy Mack Smith, and John Taylor.  You may want to ask the students you assign those parts to dress up for the services. You will also need to ask a class representative to conduct and one to give the accomplishm […]


Seminary Award Plaques

When my older children attended Seminary and earned the Master Scriptorian Award, they were presented with these beautiful plaques.Fast forward to the past 3 years when I became a Seminary teacher and wanted to find these plaques for my own students. I…


Service Cranium: A Sharing Time or FHE Idea

A long time ago I shared a game I used for Sharing Time. It’s been a few years and it’s a little outdated. I recently shared this game on Jedi Craft Girl, and decided to freshen it up a little bit. Today I am sharing the updated version. Hope you like …


{Sharing Time} Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon by the Power of God.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Sharing Time Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING: Write power of God on the board using a code (for example, you could replace each letter with a symbol). Ask if anyone can read the message. Write a key on the board that shows which letters the symbols replaced, and have the children work in groups to decode the message. (Remind the children not to call out the answer.) Read the phrase together. Read D&C 1:29.
Explain that Joseph Smith could not read the writing on the gold plates without the help of the Lord. Invite the children to share what they know about how Joseph Smith was able to translate the Book of Mormon. Invite several children to share how they feel about the Book of Mormon.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
In my Sharing Time idea, I have a game idea that you can use for Jr. and/or Sr. Primary. It’s called ‘Search for the Gold Plates’. This is an activity I shared years ago, but would be great for this week’s Sharing Time. 

First, to begin the Sharing Time I thought it would be fun to show ‘The Book of Mormon’ written in several different languages. 

Then ask if anyone can read any of the writings. You could go over each one, telling them what language it is written in. Then ask them, ‘Wouldn’t it be hard to read something in a different language?’

‘You would have to know the language wouldn’t you?’

Tell them that when Joseph Smith received the plates, they were written in a very weird language. The language was Reformed Egyptian.

Here is an example of Reformed Egyptian that you could show to the children.
After you have discussed how hard it would be to translate…you will explain to the children that they will be searching for the Gold Plates.

What you will Need:
You’ll need to print out a picture of a stone/rock (Here’s the image I used). You’ll also need a few file folders or boxes.

Print out your rock {just find a picture online} and cut it out. Attach the rock to the front of the file folder. That’s easy enough, right?

Then, inside place a picture of the Gold Plates. You’ll only need one picture of the Gold Plates. Underneath the other rocks you could put silly pictures. I.E- Snakes, bugs, a shoe, etc.

Here is my picture using a box instead of a file folder. You’ll want to cover the box with brown or green paper. Then attach the picture to the top of the box. You could use any type of box.

Inside, place the Gold Plates. If you are feeling very craftsy, you could always make some gold plates.

I know at our church, in the library, we have some gold plates that someone made using wood. They’re really neat, the children loved them. And the same as above, you’ll only need one set of Gold Plates, you could put other things in the other boxes.

And that’s it!

I share several different ways you could play. Just click the link below to read the whole Sharing Time Idea and to print it out.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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