2008 Mutual Theme – Be Steadfast and Immovable

2008 Mutual Theme

The 2008 mutual theme is Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works.” Mosiah 5:15

Steadfast and Immovable Media

Steadfast and Immovable Music

  • Be Steadfast and Immovable: Music for the 2008 Mutual Theme CD – Use the music on the CD and download the free script and poster for a super easy New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence activity! Also includes a Young Men track for youth conferences. $12.98
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable: Music for the 2008 Mutual Theme SONGBOOK AND DVD – This songbook with the accompaniment music includes bonuses of the free script AND a DVD of the short movie clips suggested in the script. $12.98
  • Let it Shine – this is an original score by LDS musician Brad Ransom. You’ll need to contact him for permission to use the song, but it was written specifically for the 2009 theme event in his Virginia stake.

Youth Conference

  • Let it Shine.org – is the website with instructions for the Fredericksburg Virginia Stake’s youth conference. They are doing a script and play relating to the theme. You can view this page to see what others are doing, for example, they hold a logo contest, auditions, and volunteer information.

Steadfast and Immovable Products

  • Be Steadfast and Immovable – Bookmarks – An inexpensive handout for introducing the theme. 65 cents each
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable – Flower Bookmarks Set – Set of 25. $8.13
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable – Poster – 12 x 18 inch classroom size $4.95
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable Wristbands – Great for Camp or Youth Conference $1.50
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable Magnet – They stick to LDS chalkboards!!! Great for lockers,too $4.99
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable Stickers – 72 Acid Free stickers $2.49
  • Be Steadfast and Immovable Pencils – Set of 7. $2.99

Steadfast and Immovable Articles

Steadfast and Immovable Crafts

  • Be Steadfast and Immovable Tiles – super fun mutual craft activity.

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