2005 Mutual Theme – A Great and Marvelous Work

2005 Mutual Theme

The Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth invites youth and their leaders to focus on an annual theme as part of Mutual.

In 2005 local leaders are encouraged to plan cultural events that help youth focus on the 175th anniversary of the organization of the Church and the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The theme for these events is “A great and a marvelous work“, 1 Nephi 14:7.

Young Men and Young Women leaders are encouraged to emphasize the theme in Mutual opening exercises and other youth activities.

      • LDSYouthActivities.com will have information about the Year of Celebration activities planned by the Church.
      • During her leadership talk “Let the Fire of the Covenant Burn in Your Hearts,” in the Fall 2004 YW Workshop, Sister Tanner gave a list of six points about the Restoration that she would like every young woman to know through her mutual activities:1. Joseph Smith was the Lord’s insturment in restoring His Church upon the Earth.2. His first vision and subsequent revelations established basic, fundamental truths.3. Under inspiration, Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon.4. Priesthood authority and keys were restored to the Earth.

        5. Temple ordinances and covenants provide blessings for individuals and families.

        6. Each of us can make and keep covenants.

        Each of the above topics was discussed in detail in her talk and can provide valuable ideas for planning mutual activities.

        Sister Tanner says, “If our young women understand the Restoration and feel a flaming testimony in their hearts for this work, they will have the strength of the early Saints to face all of the challenges of their lives.”

Additional resource material regarding this theme will be available in the January 2005 issues of the New Era and Liahona magazines.

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