What Every Young Women Leader Needs to Know About New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence

There is a lot of confusion out there about Young Women in Excellence and New Beginnings.  The following chart will help you see the differences between these two activities and their respective purposes.

What is the difference between YWIE and New Beginnings?

I’m glad you asked!  New Beginnings is an annual orientation event about the Personal Progress and Young Women programs.  It is primarily for girls advancing from Primary and parents of young women.  Its purpose is to help parents understand the Personal Progress program and inform them of events coming the year, and to help younger girls understand what Personal Progress is. New Beginnings also includes presentations on the class purposes and symbols and the young women theme and logo.

YWIE is a celebration of the Personal Progress program.  During YWIE, leaders focus on young women as individuals rather than the Personal progress program itself.


New Beginnings

Young Women in Excellence

How often is this meeting held?
  • annually
  • annually
When is it held?
  • beginning of the calendar year
  • OR beginning of the school year
  • unspecified
Other Instructions about timing
  • “may be held during mutual”
  • “The date and plans for the event should be announced early in the year.”
  • “At the beginning of the year, leaders encourage each young woman to give serious thought to the values she might focus on for this event. She may work with a family member, another young woman, or others on the projects, which may take several months to complete.”
What is the focus of this event?
  • Personal Progress program (teaching parents and young women, encouraging parents to be involved in their daughters’ personal progress)
  • Young Women program (class purpose statements, class symbols, theme, logo, etc)
  • New young women (move-ins, converts, girls who will advance from Primary)
  • All young women are recognized for the good things they are doing
Who attends?
  • Young women
  • Parents of young women
  • Primary girls who will be turning 12 during the next year (before the next New Beginnings)
  • Parents of primary girls who will be turning 12 during the next year (before the next New Beginnings)
  • Young women leaders
  • Priesthood leaders (left unspecified, though a member of the bishopric does speak at this activity)
  • Young women ages 12 and up
  • Parents of young women ages 12 and up
  1. Help young women and their parents learn about the Young Women program
  2. Help young women and their parents plan for events in the coming year (camp, youth conference, new beginnings, young women in excellence, standards nights, etc. — announce dates where possible or present calendars)
  3. Recognize young women and their accomplishments in Personal Progress
  1. Young Women in Excellence is an event in which young women are recognized for the good things they are doing.
  2. YWIE is a celebration of Personal Progress.
What is included in this activity?
  • An explanation of Personal Progress
  • A presentation of the Young Women theme, logo, motto, and age-group purpose statements and symbols
  • Young Women leaders express love for the young women
  • Encourage parents to help their daughters in Personal Progress experiences
  • Introduce young women who will reach age 12 in the coming year (before the next New Beginnings)
  • Welcome young women who have joined the Church or moved into the ward
  • Each young woman shares a value experience or value project she has completed during the year that exhibits excellence. Her presentation may include talents and skills she has developed through her Personal Progress goals.
Who speaks during this activity?
  • The Young Women presidency invites a member of the bishopric to give concluding remarks.
  • No others specified
  • Each young woman has opportunity to give a “presentation”
Who plans this activity?
  • Class presidencies, under the direction of the Young Women presidency
  • Adult leaders, who include young women
Who conducts this activity?
  • A member of the Laurel class presidency may conduct
  • Unspecified
Can this be a stake event?
  • “may be held during mutual” (which is a a ward or sometimes combined ward activity, though not a stake activity)
  • “usually held during mutual on a ward level”
  • “may be held on a stake level”


Got Questions?

I hope so!  Please read my New Beginnings FAQ and YWIE FAQ for information on implementing the instructions for these activities.

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